Hoover Library Renovation

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Hoover Library Redefined.

Once the welcoming but slightly reserved sage that expected visitors to be quiet, work independently and go to bed at a reasonable hour, Hoover is now a hip, tech-savvy and proactive guide open for all-night study and equipped to help students navigate its vast resources, engage in collaborative learning, acquire research skills and get technical support. 

The more than 78,000 square feet of transformed space includes:

  • student studyingAn Information Commons with plenty of iMacs and PCs, group work spaces, and a help desk staffed to provide research and IT assistance.
  • A Research Lounge where students may visit the library staff in their offices — similar to the way they drop in on their professors — to get more in-depth help with a research project.
  • Expanded hours offering students access to all-night study after midnight Monday through Thursday. In addition, the Charlson Lab, with 7 PC’s, 12 iMacs and 2 printers, is open 24/7 year-round with student keycard access.
  • A 50-seat globally connected meeting space featuring the latest videoconferencing technology with two 90-inch LCD screens, pan-tilt-zoom cameras positioned around the room and a high-end sound system, puts students in touch thought leaders all over the world.
  • First Stop, the new center for the First Year Program, is now conveniently located on Hoover’s second floor where students can find academic support, peer mentors, academic workshops, tutoring, First Year Council and Alpha Lambda Delta, the First Year honor society.


“This is the evolution of library and academic support services,” said Hoover Director Jessame Ferguson.

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