How the Green Terror Stole Knowledge

Every Student at McDaniel
loved the college a lot,
But the grouchy Green Terror
most certainly did not!

“Tomorrow they’ll wake
in their warm comfy beds
And they’ll feast on chicken tenders
and pizza,” he said.
“They’ll learn about English
and Math and they’ll grow,
Then they’ll go out in the world
and spew what they know!”


Illustration of the Green Terror.

The Green Terror had to stop this –
learning should be banned.
Then he came up with
a wonderfully terrible plan.
“I’ll take away computers and
get rid of their books.
I’ll scare off the faculty,
coaches and cooks!”

As he descended upon campus,
his eyes filled with glee
He broke into GLAR and
Hoover Library.


Illustration of a McDaniel student.

He filled his sack
with loot and with gear,
But then ran into Sammy,
a bright-eyed First Year.
“Mr. Terror,
why are you taking our things?
Don’t you know how much
good knowledge can bring?

We can change the world;
help the less privileged and poor.
We can become executives and
teachers, artists and more!”


And what happened then?
Well at McDaniel they say
That the Green Terror’s small brain
grew 12 sizes that day.

“Maybe learning,” he thought,
“is a good thing indeed.”
And then he picked up a book
and he started to read.
He read and he read
’til his mind was a-flurry.
Then he called Sammy First Year
and said, “Come on, let’s hurry!


Illustration of the Green Terror with a megaphone.

“Let’s tell all the world
about the power of knowledge.
Let’s find some support
for this wonderful college!

We’ll raise some more funds,
get the resources we need.
You’ll go out into the world,
make a difference and lead.
One day you’ll return,
a distinguished alum,
Then you’ll help students like you,
remembering where you came from.”


Now that the Green Terror understands how important it is to offer our students the resources for a top-notch education, we need your help. During this season of giving, please consider the gift of a McDaniel education by making a donation to the Fund for McDaniel!