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Daria Buese
  • Associate Prof/Assoc. Dean Off Camp Prog. Grad. & Prof. Stud

Graduate & Professional Studies
Daria Buese

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I am first and foremost a teacher. Even though my job title indicates that I am an administrator, my primary vocation is learning with others. I started my formal career in education teaching choral music and mathematics to middle school learners and eventually became a teacher educator. I’ve worked with students of all ages and inclinations. I’ve studied the problems of teaching, questioned the role of the teacher, and tried to make sense of the endeavor of education in a world that is reliably difficult to make sense of. I am fortunate to have learned from great teachers and benefited from knowledgeable mentors, but have been most inspired by my students. I never know where their questions will lead either of us – it is that limitless supply of curiosity and exploration that keeps me coming back for more.


Ph.D., in Education Policy, Planning and Administration, University of Maryland
M.A.T., Lewis and Clark College
B.S. in Music Education, The Pennsylvania State University

Research Interests

  • Educational policy

  • Moral dimensions of teaching

  • High-stakes accountability in education

Recent Courses

  • CUR 515: Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction

  • EDU 602: Action Research II

  • RSM 550: Introduction to Research Methodology

Selected Publications

  • Buese, D. (2011). Moral perspectives on teaching. In Graeber, A. and Valli L. (Eds.) Learning from cases of real teaching: Fourth and fifth grade mathematics lessons. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

  • Croninger, R. G., Buese, D., & Larson, J. (2012). A mixed-methods look at teaching quality: Challenges and possibilities from one study. Teachers College Record, 114(4).

  • Valli, L., Croninger, R. G., & Buese, D. (2012). Studying high-quality teaching in a highly charged policy environment. Teachers College Record, 114(4).

  • Valli, L., Croninger, B. Chamblis, M., Graeber, A. & Buese, D. (2008). Test driven: High-stakes accountability in elementary schools. NY: Teachers College Press.

  • Valli, L. & Buese, D. (2007). The changing roles of teachers in an era of high-stakes accountability. American Educational Research Journal, 44(3).

Clubs and community involvement

  • Education that is Multicultural Advisory Committee, Carroll County Public Schools

  • Quality Assurance Committee, Target Community and Educational Services, Inc.

Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding Higher Education Leader in Gifted and Talented Education by the Maryland State Advisory Council on Gifted and Talented Education (2019)

Daria Buese

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"Teaching can be done as badly as anything else. It can be wooden, mechanical, mindless, and wholly unimaginative. But when it is sensitive, intelligent, and creative – those qualities that confer upon it the status of an art – it should, in my view, not be regarded, as it so often is by some, as an expression of unfathomable talent or luck but as example of humans exercising the highest levels of their intelligence."

Elliot Eisner (1994). The Educational Imagination: On the Design and Evaluation of School Programs