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Students gathered at Singleton Matthews Farm.

Growing up in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in the state of Washington, I have long been passionate about the environment and forests in particular. As a professor, I teach courses in environmental management, environmental policy, and conservation biology. I also lead a field-based digital storytelling course in the Amazon, The Forest Online. As a scientist, my research agenda is designed to improve forest governance and conservation planning using interdisciplinary research methods. Current research projects include designing a megafauna corridor in Sumatra, improving protected area management in Condor National Park in Peru through camera-based wildlife surveys, and designing policies and strategies for intact forest conservation worldwide. As a conservationist, I have collaborations with nonprofits and local stakeholders in Uganda, Peru, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These projects are designed to conserve and restore intact forests and build local capacity to advance forest conservation and sustainable development.


Ph.D., University of Washington
M.S., M.P.A., University of Washington
B.A., Prescott College

Research Interests

  • Forest governance

  • Corridor planning

  • Policy evaluation

  • Policy design

  • Land change science

  • Camera trapping

Recent Courses

  • ENV 2207: Environmental Management

  • ENV 2215: Environmental Policy

  • ENV 3106: Conservation Biology

  • ENV 3120: ENV Junior Seminar

  • ENV 4494: Senior Seminar

  • IDS 1133: The Forest Online

Selected Publications

  • Scullion, J. In Review. The Driving Forces of Protected Area Failure.

  • Asbjornsen, H., Manson, R., Scullion, J., Holwerda, F., Muñoz-Villers, L., Alvarado-Barrientos, M. S., & Bruijnzeel, L. (2017). Interactions between payments for hydrologic services, landowner decisions, and ecohydrological consequences: synergies and disconnection in the cloud forest zone of central Veracruz, Mexico. Ecology and Society, 22(2).

  • Vogt, D. J., Vogt, K. A., Gmur, S. J., Scullion, J. J., Suntana, A. S., Daryanto, S., & Sigurðardóttir, R. (2016). Vulnerability of tropical forest ecosystems and forest dependent communities to droughts. Environmental research, 144, 27-38.

  • Scullion, J. J., Vogt, K. A., Sienkiewicz, A., Gmur, S. J., & Trujillo, C. (2014). Assessing the influence of land-cover change and conflicting land-use authorizations on ecosystem conversion on the forest frontier of Madre de Dios, Peru. Biological Conservation, 171, 247-258.

  • Scullion, J., Thomas, C. W., Vogt, K. A., Pérez-Maqueo, O., & Logsdon, M. G. (2011). Evaluating the environmental impact of payments for ecosystem services in Coatepec (Mexico) using remote sensing and on-site interviews. Environmental Conservation, 38(4), 426-434.

Clubs and community involvement

  • Faculty Advisor, Compost Club

  • Faculty Advisor, Trumpeters

  • Vice President of Conservation at nonprofit Wild Forests and Fauna

  • Explorers Club Member

Awards and Honors

  • Faculty Grant Award, 2018
  • Boelke Teaching Fellow, 2017

  • Xi Sigma Pi Forestry Honor Society, 2014

  • Fulbright Fellow, 2012

  • Distinguished Master's Thesis Award, 2010

Students gathered at Singleton Matthews Farm.