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I grew up in a military family, constantly moving and meeting new people. This led me to a lifelong love of travel and exploring new places as well as a keen interest in understanding how people relate to each other – whether as a part of their group or as outsiders. This interest only intensified during my senior year of college when I spent six months working with Rwandan Genocide orphans. I developed a passion for studying how people feel connected to each other and the ways our social environment guides us towards conflict or unity, whether on a large scale like in Rwanda or a small scale like making friends as a new college student. I try to bring this passion to the classroom, showing students at every stage of their college education that they can connect psychological principles to what is happening in their everyday life. No matter what path they take, what they learn in my class can help them better understand their social world.


Ph.D., Clark University
M.A., Clark University
B.A. in Psychology, Wheaton College

Research Interests

  • Social Identity Theory

  • Social Representation Theory

  • Peace Psychology

  • Cultural Psychology

Recent Courses

  • PSY 1106: Introduction to Psychology

  • PSY 2204: Social Psychology

Selected Publications

  • Moeschberger, S.L. & Phillips DeZalia, R.A. (Eds.). (2014) Symbols that Bind, Symbols that Divide: The Semiotics of Peace and Conflict. Springer International Publishing.

  • Phillips DeZalia, R.A. & Moeschberger, S.L., (2016). Semiotics of Social Identity in Peace and Conflict. In McKeown, S., Haji, R. & Ferguson, N. (Eds). Understanding Peace and Conflict through Social Identity theory: Contemporary and Worldwide Perspective.

  • Phillips DeZalia, R.A. (2014) Being Rwandan: The Use of Language, History, and Identity in Post-Genocide Rwanda. In S.L Moeschberger and R.A. Phillips DeZalia (Eds). Symbols that Bind, Symbols that Divide: The Semiotics of Peace and Conflict (pp. 157-180). Springer International Publishing.

  • Phillips DeZalia, R.A. (2012). Social Representations of Reconciliation. In D. J. Christie (Ed). The Encyclopedia of Peace Psychology. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.

Clubs and community involvement

  • Ed Cairns Early Career Award, 2016

  • APA Division 48: Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict and Violence

Contact Dr. Phillips Dezalia