Université Saint-Louis

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McDaniel College and the Université Saint-Louis, located in Brussels, Belgium, have established a student exchange program, beginning spring semester 2007. The purpose of the exchange is to enable students at one institution to engage in a semester of study at the other and to provide the opportunity for a unique academic, cultural, and international experience. This program will allow students to enroll in courses for academic credit at the host institution and transfer to their home institution the equivalent of a full semester of academic work. Courses may include credited internships and independent studies.

Participating students must have the appropriate academic record—at McDaniel, a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0. The program is available to all McDaniel students and will be especially attractive to those with interests in the social sciences, European politics, history and culture, and the French language. Students accepted into the program will pay the regular cost of tuition and fees to their home institution, but will pay fees for room and/or board directly to the host institution. All McDaniel College scholarships and financial aid can be applied to the program.

For further information, contact Amy McNichols, Director of Global Initiatives, Hill Hall 105 (x 3376;  studyabroad@mcdaniel.edu).

About Université Saint-Louis

The Université Saint-Louis, founded in 1858, is home to 2,800 students from over 60 different countries. Courses at Saint-Louis are taught in a spirit of cultural openness, with emphasis on the international dimension. The university is primarily a French-speaking school that offers a range of courses at the undergraduate level, taught in French and Dutch as well as some courses in the social sciences taught in English. Université Saint-Louis is known for its friendly atmosphere, and relations between students and professors are relaxed, both in and out of the classroom. The university has three faculties or departments–Arts and Letters, Law and Economics, Social and Political Sciences—with particular strength in the social sciences. It offers the bachelor degree in these fields as well as a number of post-graduate degrees.

Université Saint-Louis is situated in the center of Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and of the country’s French and Flemish communities. It is near two metro stations and ten minutes by foot from Brussels North Station. The university has all the advantages of a large multicultural metropolis and is an ideal environment for learning and research. The city boasts a range of cultural activities and leisure time pursuits for students.

Brussels is home to the NATO headquarters, the European Parliament and Commission, and the offices of a large number of business federations and other international pressure groups. Numerous cultural institutions of international standing have also chosen Brussels as their home. Université Saint-Louis both benefits from and contributes to this dynamic picture, which is why its student population is increasingly diverse and international.

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Amy McNichols, Director of Global Initiatives
International Programs Office
Hill Hall 105
(410) 871-3376