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Online. Hybrid. Designed for your success.

Online. Hybrid. At McDaniel, we design courses that reflect our fierce commitment to your educational journey. We unlock the power of online. Our courses are not just convenient second-best alternatives to face-to-face instruction. 

Student using a computer in a computer lab.

Our instructors are expert in online teaching. To prepare, they 

  • take an online course to learn best practices in online teaching
  • design their course following a template incorporating best practices
  • shadow a master instructor’s teaching to observe best practices applied
  • are mentored by a master teacher as they teach their first online course. 

Our course designs

  • put you in a vibrant community of inquiry 
  • maximize your interaction with classmates and your instructor 
  • use backward design to map clear paths to your learning goals
  • use active learning to foster critical and creative thinking.