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Return to the Hill

The Return to the Hill (RTTH) Task Force is a leadership committee that meets regularly to develop recommendations for the President and the Board of Trustees as we work to keep the college safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Please continue to visit this page for the most up-to-date information. 

McDaniel College campus in Fall with Keep the World Moving banner

Spring 2023 Updates

As the spring semester begins, updates have been made to our Covid-19 guidelines.

Following guidance from the Carroll County Health Department, McDaniel will continue to monitor the public health and safety of the campus and surrounding community to make decisions about ongoing operations. However, the college’s decision-making will no longer be directly tied to the county community level. If at any time enhanced pandemic-related control measures are once again determined to be needed, the campus will be notified. Based on the high vaccination rates of our community as well as the college’s track record of success throughout the pandemic, however, we do not anticipate needing to make changes to the current health and safety protocols.

McDaniel continues to support anyone who chooses to wear a mask or has a mask-related accommodation in place, and no one should feel compelled to justify their decision to wear a mask. The College understands that this modification to the COVID-19 procedures may impact the roommates and suitemates of a positive student. For this reason, students are strongly encouraged to discuss how they will approach living arrangements should someone in their immediate living space test positive. To assist you, the COVID-19 Protocols for Prevention, Exposure, Testing and Isolation site includes some suggestions for how to approach this conversation. If you have any questions about the College’s COVID-19 guidelines, please reach out to the Wellness Center at or the Dean of Students, Liz Towle, at

As we move towards more streamlined guidelines with fewer Covid-specific updates necessary, COVID-19 information will no longer be located at the top of the homepage. The Return to the Hill webpage will still include the most up-to-date covid-related information.

We appreciate your continued commitment to the health and safety of the McDaniel community.

Student Vaccination Policy

All undergraduate students are required to be “Up to Date” on COVID-19 vaccination as described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This means receiving all doses of primary vaccine and recommended booster dose(s) when eligible. (e.g. Pfzier, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson).

If you have recently tested positive for COVID, your healthcare provider may recommend delaying the administration of your booster. In this situation, you will need to provide the Wellness Center with documentation of COVID-19 diagnosis within the past 90 days and/or a written statement from your healthcare provider about the necessity of delaying the booster. If you have specific questions related to their own personal circumstance, please contact the Wellness Center at