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  • Griswold-Zepp Progressive Student Union

    McDaniel Weekly - April 27, 2021

    There is quite a bit happening this week! Participate in outdoor yoga class, Thank a Giver (and get a free soft pretzel!), find out who will win this year's Entrepreneurship Competition, and enjoy listening to "Twisted Tales of Poe".
  • The Bell

    McDaniel Weekly - April 20, 2021

    Events this week include Ask McDaniel Anything, a training on getting comfortable with conflict, and Spring Fest in Red Square! Also, check out the new Finish in Four website!
  • Campus Arch

    McDaniel Weekly - April 13, 2021

    Make sure to mark your calendars for this weeks' upcoming OSE events, Green Terror Talk, and Summer Internship Fellowship applications! Don't forget to follow OSE on social media so you never miss an update.
  • Student drawing in library

    McDaniel Weekly - April 7th, 2021

    Class registration is this week -- don't forget to check in with your advisor if you haven't already. Also, celebrate National Library Week with Hoover’s virtual scavenger hunt and the READ Poster Reveal Ceremony!
  • CASE students work on their Griswold-Zepp project.

    McDaniel Weekly - March 31, 2021

    OSE and MAVEN are co-hosting a variety of educational events related to Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), including a special event honoring the life of Heather Zujkowski. Other upcoming events include the Global Fellows application deadline, a panel discussion on the incidents of violence, discrimination, and hate towards the Asian community within the last year, and a presentation on how to foster inclusive environments by guest speaker Winston Ben Clements.
  • Never Stop Climbing - Gill Center

    McDaniel Weekly - March 23, 2021

    Registration for 2021 summer classes is now open! Upcoming events this week includes Coffeehouse with Jazz Band, Home on the Hill info session, and a Green Table Talk presentation "You're pretty for a ____ girl".
  • North Village

    McDaniel Weekly - March 16, 2021

    Applications for Affinity Housing are now being accepted! Events you won't want to miss out on this week include St. Paddy's Day Bingo, a panel presentation on "Negotiating Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace", and the chance to see top mentalist, Wayne Hoffman.
  • McDaniel College campus in Fall with Keep the World Moving banner

    McDaniel Weekly - March 9, 2021

    Applications for the Global Fellows Program and the Summer Internship Fellowship are now open! Events happening this week include the student directed play, "Speech and Debate" and a panel presentation, "Men of Color are to Police as BIPOC Women are to Doctors: Examining the Disproport".
  • The word vote against white background

    McDaniel Weekly - March 3, 2021

    This year's Women's History Month theme is "Valiant Women and the Vote"; throughout the month of March, offices around McDaniel will be hosting events that celebrate and recognize the many contributions of women in our society.
  • Piles of coins with plants growing out of them

    McDaniel Weekly - February 23, 2021

    There is still time to register for the upcoming job, internship, and graduate school fair! Other events coming up this week include "A Live Coffeehouse Feel" and “The Lion’s Side: The Utilization of Storytelling for Emotional Transformation”. Applications for Entrepreneur Bootcamp and READ honorees are also open.
  • Young adult female using a laptop.

    McDaniel Weekly - February 17th, 2021

    The job, internship, and grad school fair is only a week away -- now is the time to register, if you haven't already. Other events coming up this week include Free Stuff Friday, Being Black at McDaniel College panel discussion, and a documentary viewing of Chez Jolie Coiffure.
  • Bridge in Danube, Budapest

    McDaniel Weekly - February 9, 2021

    Study abroad programs have been on hold, but we're excited to announce they will be resuming for fall 2021 and beyond! Events coming up this week include a panel discussion on the Crown Act, I l Love the Hill tabling, a mindfulness session with Wellness, and more.
  • Aerial photo of McDaniel College football stadium covered in snow.

    McDaniel Weekly - February 3, 2021

    Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your snowy start to the semester. Even as everyone stays safe and warm in their dorms, there is still plenty you can get involved with!
  • general campus photo

    McDaniel Weekly - January 19th

    Students— As we enter the final week of Jan-term and many of you prepare to
  • Headshot of Martin Luther King

    McDaniel Weekly - January 12th

    We hope you have a wonderful week!
  • Close-up of a snowflake

    McDaniel Weekly - January 5th, 2021

    Welcome to the start of 2021!
  • racing flag

    McDaniel Weekly - November 24, 2020

    From Courtney Cunningham, Assistant Director of Student Engagement Happy winter break!
  • acorn fall photo

    McDaniel Weekly - November 17, 2020

    I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for keeping us safe on the Hill this fall. Our circumstances this semester required sacrifice on everyone’s part in order to maintain a safe and healthy campus community. I am sure there were days when you were just at your wits’ end with how COVID-19 was impacting your life at McDaniel, yet you pushed through and did the right thing. I am grateful beyond words and so appreciative for all of you.
  • autumn leaves and mug

    McDaniel Weekly - November 10, 2020

    To recognize the experiences of all first-generation college students, ODEI is happy to be coordinating First-Generation Week! Check out this video, created by OCM and Alumni Engagement, for some great advice for first-gen students. Also, we’re pleased to be hosting the following events:
  • Hope Graphic

    McDaniel Weekly - November 3, 2020

    I just ran across this quote from the poet Seamus Heaney and appreciated it: “Hope is not optimism, which expects things to turn out well, but something rooted in the conviction that there is good worth working for.” May it be--whatever our beliefs, let us work together towards that good.
  • campus squirrel

    McDaniel Weekly - October 27, 2020

    Oh My Gourd Fall Fun continues! Join OSE Friday (October 23rd), between the hours of 6-8pm, for a Halloween Celebration at the Gazebo near Hill Hall for an open mic night, DJ, Halloween treats, and costume contest -- I can’t wait to see all your awesome costumes! Costume contest winners will receive gift cards!
  • halloween graphic

    McDaniel Weekly - October 20, 2020

    Session B is flying by -- and OSE is here to help you enjoy the fall weather by providing a little outdoor fun! The Office of Student Engagement is happy to present Oh-My-Gourd Fall Fun, starting this Friday, October 23rd, and running through Saturday, November 7th! Don’t miss out on these upcoming weekend events!
  • innovation graphic

    McDaniel Weekly - October 12, 2020

    “Invention is the most important product of the creative brain.” — Nikola Tesla Bored? Stressed? Vacillating between all kinds of extremes? Whatever you’re feeling right now, it’s an unusual semester--and you’re not alone. At the same time, it is my sincere belief that out of times of great pressure, great innovation is born. I applaud all the creativity you’ve shown so far, and I look forward to what’s still to come.
  • Polling station graphic

    McDaniel Weekly - October 6, 2020

    "Advocate. Implement. Lead." The McDaniel College Student Government Association is having a special election for president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. This special election will have specific eligibility requirements and each candidate will serve for the spring semester before the next SGA election.
  • resumes

    McDaniel Weekly - September 29, 2020

    From Rich Goodman, Associate Director of Career Development Hey folks, As you’ve (hopefully) heard, this
  • laptop with plant graphic

    McDaniel Weekly - September 22, 2020

    If you haven’t already, it’s time to check out GTP...Green Terror Programs. Their events are like this semester...different and unexpected but in a good way! It’s GTP Recruitment Week so shake things up in your schedule, take a work break and check out one of the many fun GTP events happening during the next couple of weeks. You won’t be sorry that you did.
  • Carnaval, San Francisco, California

    McDaniel Weekly - September 15, 2020

    Tuesday, September 15th through Thursday, October 15th marks the annual observance of National Hispanic Heritage Month. We invite all of you to join our faculty and staff in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with us by attending various programs sponsored by the Hispanic LatinX Alliance (HLA), the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • graphic of person pushing boulder up a hill

    McDaniel Weekly - May 12, 2020

    At some point after you have closed out the spring 2020 semester, take a few moments to consider all the obstacles you overcame this semester. I hope you feel a sense of pride in all you have accomplished no matter how great or how seemingly ordinary. And if the online portion of the semester posed some obstacles that you could not overcome, please remember that at some moment in the future you will probably be faced with a similar challenge and you will overcome it and realize that this semester’s struggles were the building blocks for your future success.
  • boy walking alone in the fog

    McDaniel Weekly - May 5, 2020

    This semester you have certainly been hit with a lot and still kept moving forward. Your accomplishments may not look as you expected them to or be celebrated as you thought they would, but they are all still successes and I hope you view them in that spirit. In next week’s newsletter you will hear from many others who like me want to acknowledge and congratulate you for all the ways you succeeded this semester!
  • Self care graphic with scrabble tiles

    McDaniel Weekly - April 28, 2020

    While it may not feel like it for some, we ARE in the home stretch of the semester. The information in this week’s newsletter is meant to help you wrap up what has been a one-of-a-kind semester. I highly recommend viewing Gerard Grigsby’s self-care video – every time I watch it I laugh a little harder (oops, too close). For those of you who don’t know Gerard – he is one of McDaniel’s counselors in the Wellness Center. Stay tuned for the unveiling of my amazingly awesome face mask next week … you’re going to be jealous!
  • McDaniel_ZOOM_GreenTerror2

    McDaniel Weekly - April 21, 2020

    For this week's newsletter, I welcome José Luis Moreno, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, to share some thoughts about how it is more important than ever in our current “storm” to take deeper roots in the values that ground us as a McDaniel Community.
  • computer covered in post-it notes

    McDaniel Weekly - April 14, 2020

    As you move into the closing weeks of the semester, consider if it would be helpful to break your class assignments up into smaller post it note-size tasks. Remind yourself that each day is an opportunity to get through a few more! Read on for important updates on the room selection process for next year, other office highlights, and a special check-in for seniors from Dean Breslin!
  • computer displaying a virtual meeting

    McDaniel Weekly - April 7, 2020

    I don’t want to sound too corny but I miss seeing you throughout the day as I am accustomed to doing. This week I ask everyone to participate in at least one virtual event, panel, or activity that is being offered and make sure you see some friends and acquaintances that you have not seen in a couple of weeks. I’m not the only one who misses seeing you … lots of us do. So don’t be surprised if you get a phone call this week from a member of the Academic and Campus Life staff checking in with you to see how you are doing and hear a little about what is working well for you.
  • feet propped on table next to laptop

    McDaniel Weekly - March 31, 2020

    Greetings, everyone, as we head into week two of remote work! We’re excited to announce the launch of the new student resources website, where these newsletters and helpful/entertaining links will be housed. Also, join me for Kahoot single player trivia this Saturday night at 8 PM! Each round winner will receive a gift basket delivered to their door. More information will be posted on OSE's social media throughout the week, so make sure you’re following them (Instagram: @mcdaniel_ose, etc).
  • Student drawing in sketchpad while sitting in outdoor chair on campus.

    McDaniel Weekly - March 27, 2020

    The past few weeks have been wild and unpredictable and yet affirming all at the same time This COVID-19 experience is exactly what your McDaniel education is preparing you ever changing world! This weekly newsletter is one of the ways for us to stay connected. After today, you can expect to receive it every Tuesday and it will include campus updates, academic resources, fun virtual student events, contests and of course…PRIZES. It is important--don’t delete it, read it! Getting us started is a beginning conversation from some of our wonderful student support offices on campus.