Administrator I Course Sequence


The Administrator I Certificate Course Sequence allows individuals currently holding a master’s degree from an accredited institution to earn the course work required to meet MSDE and PDE eligibility for Administrator I Certification without completing a second master’s degree.
Upon successful completion of the sequence, you will have met the Maryland requirements for the Administrator I Certificate. The MSDE certification will qualify you to be assigned as a Supervisor in Instruction/Assistant Principal in Maryland or, a Principal in Pennsylvania.

Key Features of the Admin I Sequence include:

• Courses are offered at centers located throughout Maryland with some offered online. See locations.

• Earn Administrator I Certification in Maryland or Pennsylvania

• Cohort courses are offered through partnership with various districts throughout Maryland. See locations.


Why McDaniel

• Become certified as an administrator I in Maryland or Pennsylvania without going through a second master’s program

• Highly applicable content – apply what you’re learning in our classroom in your school.

• Flexible scheduling and a variety of delivery methods to fit your busy life (face-to-face, hybrid, online offerings).

• Small class sizes ensure personal attention from faculty.

• Partnerships with local school systems and faculty who are school leaders in those systems make a program relevant and responsible to local concerns.

• Candidates are supported through ongoing and easily accessible advising.

• Highly competitive tuition rate.

Admissions Requirements

• Completed application for graduate study

• Submit the non-refundable application fee

• Official transcripts verifying completion of an undergraduate and master's degree from an accredited college or university.

Certification Requirements

According to Maryland Code, to be eligible for the Administrator I Certificate, an applicant must fulfill the following requirements:

• Have a master’s degree from an accredited academic institution and hold a valid Maryland Teaching Certificate;

• Twenty-seven months of satisfactory teaching performance or satisfactory performance as a specialist as defined in COMAR 13A.12.04.

• Complete 19 graduate credits as listed below:

ADM 501 Introduction to Educational Administration (3 credits)

CUR 509 Monitoring and Aligning Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (3 credits)

PSI 527 School Law (3 credits)

ADM 504 Supervision and Evaluation of School Personnel (3 credits)

ADM 505 School Leadership in the Twenty-first Century (3 credits)

ADM 552 Internship in Educational (4 Credits)

If you complete any of these required courses at another institution, you must request an "Administrator I or II Evaluation for Certification" form be completed by MSDE or your local Certification Office. A copy of this form must be on file prior to the start of an Internship.

At the completion of the above course sequence, the student will be eligible to apply to the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) for the Administrator I Certificate. The McDaniel College transcript will reflect completion of the required courses. The transcript will NOT carry the seal for completion of an approved program of study as this is a credit count approach to certification.

Certification is the domain of the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)

Applicants seeking certification in Pennsylvania, consult the Out-of-State-Prepared requirements published by PDF.


Core Courses (19 Credits)
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Dr. Daria Buese, Program Coordinator



R. Daniel Cunningham Jr., Ed. D. - Lecturer and Coordinator of the Educational Administration Program at McDaniel College

R. Daniel Cunningham Jr., Ed. D., Lecturer and Coordinator



Dr. Nick Urick, Internship Coordinator

Career Opportunities for Graduates

• Assistant Principal (Maryland and Pennsylvania)

• Principal (Maryland and Pennsylvania)

• Supervisor (Maryland)

• Supervisor with five years experience on a valid subject matter certificate (Pennsylvania).

• Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction K – 12 (Pennsylvania).

Important Dates

Applications are accepted and processed throughout the year but the College recommends that students submit their applications and supporting materials well in advance of the start of the semester in which they plan to enroll.

Recommended Application Filing Dates:
Fall Semester – by or before August 1
Spring Semester - by or before December 15
Summer Session - by or before May 1

These filing dates are after the opening of registration for those semesters so students wishing to have the greatest choice of courses should submit their applications earlier.

Note: Cohort courses are subject to alternate schedules. Please contact Leslie Dennis at or 410-386-4627.

Program Locations

Westminster – Main McDaniel Campus
Some courses are available online. Check Archway or contact Leslie Dennis at or (410) 386-4627 to learn more.

Off-Campus Centers:
AACC at Arundel Mills
Calvert County
Charles County
PG County

Counties with cohort agreements:
Anne Arundel County
Carroll County
Frederick County
Howard County
Montgomery County
PG County


1. What is a cohort?
Students in a cohort complete each course in the program together in the same sequence. Cohort members begin their studies together and complete the program together.
This innovative approach to graduate education allows for cooperative learning throughout the program and facilitates the development of teamwork, interpersonal skills, and important professional networks.
Counties with cohort agreements include:
Anne Arundel County
Carroll County
Cecil County
Frederick County
Howard County
Montgomery County


2. Is there a GPA requirement?
There is no GPA requirement for admittance into the program. However, the grade of B or better must be achieved in each of the first three courses taken in order to continue in the program.

3. Is a master’s degree required?
Yes, if you do not currently hold a master’s degree from an accredited institution you may want to consider our M.S. in Educational Administration program. That program grants both an M.S. and certification.