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Initiative 2: Employee Satisfaction

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Reaching New Heights Become an Employer of Choice Strategic Initiative 2


We will be an employer of choice, attracting and maintaining top-quality talent that supports the college’s mission and values.


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Strategic Focus: Employee Satisfaction

To become an employer of choice, it is important for us to take a holistic approach to faculty and staff engagement. Through compensation increases, investing in technological and systems upgrades, working with community partners to make Westminster and the surrounding area more appealing and welcoming so employees don’t have to commute as far, providing pathways for professional development, and more opportunities for community engagement among faculty, staff, and administration, we seek to make all aspects of being an employee of McDaniel College a valuable experience.  

STRATEGIC INITIATIVE : Employee Satisfaction Goals & Objectives

We will attract and maintain top-quality talent that supports the college’s mission and value.

Goal 2.1: Become a more diverse, inclusive, and supportive employer. OBJECTIVES

  • Increase diversity and retention for faculty and staff.
  • Establish a DEIJ professional learning community for discussions, development, and collaborative experience.
  • Acknowledge and address any unsustainable working conditions for faculty and staff.
  • Increase opportunities for employees to connect with diverse community leaders, BIPOC-owned businesses, and the social justice community.

Goal 2.2: Develop a holistic approach to improve faculty and staff engagement, satisfaction, and connection to the college. OBJECTIVES

  • Prioritize increases for all faculty and staff compensation to better align with industry market rates. 
  • Establish a comprehensive employee wellness program. 
  • Strengthen relationships and collaborative opportunities among franchised faculty, adjunct instructors, and staff. 
  • Establish methods to encourage staff input and feedback on decisions made at the leadership level. 
  • Leverage technology solutions to improve faculty and staff experience to complete job-related actions. 
  • Improve opportunities for and investment in faculty and staff professional development and training.