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Photo of a woman standing on an overlook wearing a yellow flowered shirt with horizon behind her.

An educator who innovates with song, games, and cultural anecdotes to teach Spanish. Marti Barrera, M.A., M.S. Lecturer in Spanish

“Teaching Spanish is not my job, it is my passion.”

Photo of a white male in a suit jacket and jeans leaning on a white column outside.

A sociologist who studies human behavior through complex concepts — like social geometry. Daniel Boches, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Sociology

“Sociology is one part of the liberal arts mosaic.”

Photo of a Black female wearing a red flower pattern dress in front of a gazebo.

A licensed clinical professional counselor who wants students to use psychology every day. Kristina Wright, M.A., LCPC Lecturer in Psychology

“Get excited about patterns and connections.”

Photo of a white female in a bright yellow suit jacket standing in front of a brick academic building.

A global marketing pro bringing industry insights into her classroom. Svetlana Tokareva, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Marketing

“The liberal arts develop students’ marketing skills.”

Photo of an Asian male in a black shirt standing in an anatomy lab with a model skeleton to his right.

A Kinesiology researcher investigating the future of physical rehabilitation. Hyunjae Jeon, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

"Be true to yourself."

Photo of white male standing in front of a brick building wearing a blue patterned shirt.

An American Sign Language expert with a passion for sharing Deaf culture and experiences. Charles Herbold Lecturer in ASL

“McDaniel’s commitment to the Deaf community resonates with me.”

Professor Steven Pearson speaking to a student in the classroom.

An artist who encourages every student to bring their unique perspectives into their creations. Steven Pearson, M.F.A Professor of Art

"Art is flexible, fluid, and ever-changing to meet the needs of the times it is addressing, and art is all around us."

Photo of professor Lyneia Richardson standing outside in a garden.

A skillful psychologist who celebrates the bridge between humanities and the sciences. Lyneia Richardson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Counseling

"Psychology often bridges the arts and sciences."

Photo of professor Paul Lin speaking with students at a computer.

A computer scientist who believes a liberal arts skillset can make a difference personally and globally. Paul Lin, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Computer Science

“No matter what profession you are pursuing, the bits and bytes you learn from a Computer Science course will enrich your field of study and broaden your career path."

Photo of professor Rebecca Gibson in front of a window.

An education professional focused on children's literacy and using children's literature as a teaching model. Becca Gibson, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Education

"Students won’t know all the answers, but they will be able to teach effectively — and joyously!"