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The Wellness Center is the integrated office of Counseling and Student Health Services, providing mental health counseling and facilitating access to the off-site student health services offered by Carroll Health Group Primary Care. The multidisciplinary staff promotes student academic and personal success by empowering students to make informed choices regarding their overall health and well-being so that they can thrive on the Hill and beyond. 


The Wellness Center is located in Winslow Center, 2nd Floor.


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Our Mission

The Wellness Center's mission is to partner with students as they strive to achieve and maintain their physical, emotional, and interpersonal well-being so that they can optimize their capacity to learn, reach their potential, and achieve their goals inside and outside the classroom.

Integrated Health Support

Our health and counseling services are conveniently located in the same building so that we can provide seamless holistic service to our students.

Student Health Services

Medical treatment for minor illnesses and injuries; Gynecological services: annual exams, contraception, pregnancy testing; Routine lab work; STI/STD testing;  Rapid testing such as urinalysis, mononucleosis, strep, and blood sugar; Flu shots and immunization clinics; Some over the counter and prescription medication; Referral to specialists; Some immunizations (e.g. Tetanus, and PPD); Educational programs on various health topics.

Counseling Services

Collaborative assessment and goal-setting: Common issues include stress and anxiety, depression, campus adjustment and transition, identity development, grief, anger, unhealthy eating, drug and alcohol use, and relationship challenges; Short-term individual counseling: Using a variety of approaches such as interpersonal process, cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and solution-focused counseling to create positive change; Group counseling: an effective intervention for helping students address relationship patterns and/or experience the benefit of group support focused on specific issues or experiences; Crisis intervention: urgent walk in appointments are available for students needing immediate mental health support; Referrals to community mental health providers for longer-term and/or specialized treatment; Educational programs on various mental health and wellness topics to enhance the well-being of the campus community; Consultations with faculty, staff, family, and community providers 

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McDaniel announces partnership with LifeBridge Health New partnership expands McDaniel’s student health services

Starting this fall, McDaniel College is partnering with LifeBridge Health to expand the college’s student health service offerings provided by McDaniel’s Wellness Center. Through this partnership, McDaniel students can receive routine medical care and telehealth appointments directly from LifeBridge Health. This also offers greater access to medical specialists within the LifeBridge Health Network, as well as coordination with Carroll Hospital.

Expanding Counseling to serve the mental health needs of our students Wellness Extended Support Program (WESP)

In an effort to more fully support the mental health needs of our students, the McDaniel College Wellness Center has created the Wellness Extended Support Program (WESP) to provide long-term counseling services beyond the short-term and crisis intervention services available to all students. 

Students and families who have participated in WESP rated the program highly, would recommend it to others, and consider re-enrolling in the future. The majority of them even noted that their participation in WESP has made them more likely to stay at McDaniel College!

Program Offerings

  • Ongoing individual therapy with a licensed mental health professional in the Wellness Center (15 weeks/semester)*
  • Clinical Case Management and coordination with student's support team to maximize efficacy of treatment and support interventions. Support team members often include community psychiatry, family members, SASS academic counselors, and other medical providers. 
  • Specialized group therapy opportunities as available.

*Please note that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our campus and therefore some/all therapy sessions may be conducted via telemental health for safety reasons. 

Program Cost
  • WESP is $1500/semester.  
  • No insurance billing is available at this time.
  • We offer a limited number of scholarships for students with demonstrated financial need.

Program Benefits

Regularly scheduled on-campus appointments that work with class schedules increase attendance and engagement with therapy.
Our therapists understand young adult development and the McDaniel College experience. Careful consideration is given to identifying a therapist who fits your specific needs and preferences.
We can coordinate with your network of support (family, community providers) & and on-campus offices to increase effectiveness of treatment.
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Contact the Wellness Center with Questions:

Taking Care Maintaining Your Health & Wellness

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Mental Health Support Together in Healing Therapy Group

The Wellness Center hosts a therapy group for students with adult experiences of sexual assault. Together in Healing is for students seeking support with the recovery and healing process in a safe, confidential environment. As a trauma-informed and consent-based group, students are not required to disclose experiences and are offered a space to re-establish safety, connect, and explore steps forward in their healing journey.

Fall leaves on campus.

Health & Nutrition Preventative Care Education

Our health clinic works closely with students on preventative health care and health education. This includes our Annual Flu Clinic, our Yoga & Mindfulness Group and other opportunities for education and health maintenance. During finals, our Wellness Center partners with other campus organizations to host Chillax, a stress-reduction opportunity for students to visit a relaxing, recharging oasis of calm with calming sounds, coloring, puzzles, and much more.

Our Commitment to Service Supporting Our Students

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1 in 5

During the 2020-2021 academic year, approximately 1 in 5 McDaniel students utilized Counseling Services


Telehealth Counseling appointments with students since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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29 Years

The current Wellness Center staff has spent a combined 29 years providing care to students on the Hill


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of students of students who used Counseling Services and completed the satisfaction survey during the 2020-2021 academic year indicated that their functioning had improved as a result of their experience. 


of students who used Counseling Services and completed the satisfaction survey during the 2020-2021 academic year reported they would recommend Counseling Services in the Wellness Center to other McDaniel students.

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Full-Time Mental Health Counselors
Compared to the national average of 2 counselors for colleges our size.

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867 Telehealth

867 telehealth counseling appointments with students since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

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COVID-19 tests were administered on campus during the 2020-2021 academic year.

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Green Table Talks A new initiative

The Wellness Center, in collaboration with the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, is hosting “Green Table Talks” for students of color twice a month. These “Green Table Talks” (modeled after the “Red Table Talk” show on Facebook in which three generations of women of color interview guests and discuss a wide range of topics) aim to create a supportive space specifically for students of color and is facilitated by staff of color. Relevant topics include racial injustice, colorism, code switching, experiences of the racial climate on and off campus, and anything the group wants to discuss!

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Wellness Liaison Program Wellness Liaison Program

The Wellness Center has launched a new Wellness Liaison Program in order to offer more tailored support and programming to specific groups of students and organizations in order to increase accessibility for clinical services and outreach requests and to promote collaboration with campus partners. The Wellness staff liaison serves as a main point of contact who can answer questions, provide information, and offer support. Liaison assignments are thoughtfully considered based on natural connections such as shared identities/experiences and specialized training. 

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Education & Support Being Brave: Preventing & Responding to Sexual Violence Preventative Education

Since 2012, McDaniel has had a sexual assault prevention committee and we regularly partner with community organizations like the Rape Crisis Intervention Service of Carroll County. Annual events are held to educate our community about consent and all incoming students complete the Understanding Sexual Assault and Alcohol Education.

In addition, McDaniel College, along with nine other colleges and universities, together received a $750,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice to "generate new strategies to prevent, respond to, investigate, and hold offenders accountable for sexual assault and dating violence, and strengthen trauma-informed, victim services on campus and in the community." Efforts are visible across campus, in large and small ways, to prevent and respond to instances of sexual violence.

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