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The McDaniel Commitment

Climb Higher. See Farther.

We call our campus the Hill.

It’s a place where you’re constantly climbing. The higher you climb, the clearer your view: of yourself, your passions, and all you can become. McDaniel College is home to a community with a fierce commitment to your educational journey. Whatever you choose to study, you’ll gain the knowledge, confidence, and tenacity to conquer any challenge like a Green Terror (our one-of-a-kind mascot). Ready to take the first step? Let’s go.


The First Year Experience Office is the hub of this ongoing support and is responsible for overseeing orientation programs, peer leader support programs, and additional first year programming in support of the McDaniel Commitment. 

Never Stop Climbing - Gill Center

It starts with a commitment.

Your journey begins with the McDaniel Commitment. It’s our guarantee that you’ll be on a path to success from the moment you set foot on campus. Through the Commitment, you’ll have access to a team of mentors who will help you develop a completely tailored and personalized experience. From the very beginning, and at other key points throughout your journey here, the McDaniel Commitment will help keep you on track toward your goals.

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It comes together with a plan. The McDaniel Plan

After you commit, you begin building your McDaniel Plan: the foundation of your education, which gives you the power to learn what you want and how you want, with countless ways to customize your experience. Build your education around your interests, talents, and passions in a way that’s truly all your own.

McDaniel College has adopted a block transfer policy. If you enter McDaniel with an Associate of Arts (A.A.), an Associate of Science (A.S.), or an Associate of Arts in Teaching (A.A.T.), you will have met all McDaniel general education requirements (our McDaniel Plan). You'll be able to jump right into your major program requirements!

Become your best self.

It starts with your McDaniel Commitment and your McDaniel Plan. It continues day by day and month by month, where every step leads you to the moment when you’re ready to take the next step. After four years of climbing, you’ll have gained the skills and mindset to take on the world. From the top of the Hill, you’ll be able to see the life and career you’ve always wanted. You’ll be the person you always sensed you could be.

The Hill is just the beginning.

who will you become
Mariah Ligas, Ema Barnes, Maggie Myers, and Jaime Calderon

Four students—Mariah Ligas, Ema Barnes, Maggie Myers, and Jaime Calderon—received Fulbright awards for English teaching assistantships. Three took what they learned on the Hill abroad to Romania, South Korea, and Andorra, to educate children on the English language and culture, while Ema chose to accept a competitive internship at a New York publishing house instead.

Become Family

Ben Stapleton started out playing football at a Division I school, but something was missing. When he transferred to McDaniel College, he found family on and off the football field.

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There's only one question that remains: Who will you become?

What sets us apart from other colleges is our dedication to you and your future. With each step you climb, you are closer to becoming who you were meant to be. Your journey doesn't end when you leave the Hill. It starts here and stays with you for life.