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Graduate & Professional Studies Department


We recognize the benefits and rewards of working with a diverse population. Students of all ages, interests, and professions are encouraged to apply for graduate study. While more than 3,000 graduate students are listed on the active graduate roster throughout the year, over 1,800 individuals are attending graduate classes on campus, off campus, and online during any one semester. Most graduate students commute to these classes from surrounding Maryland counties, as well as nearby Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, Northeast Maryland, and northern Virginia. Many of our programs are offered through off-campus cohorts and some programs are offered at locations in Southern Maryland. The College is also steadily increasing the number of courses available online.

During the Fall and Spring semesters, most graduate courses are conducted in the late afternoon, evenings, and weekends. This format accommodates the majority of employed graduate students who attend on a part-time basis. Most courses on the main campus meet once a week for 2-1/2 hours. During the summer, many courses are conducted during the day and meet more frequently during the week.

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