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Frequently Asked Questions

How/when do students register for SASS?

Students register for SASS once they have been admitted to McDaniel and deposited. At that point, students submit an online registration form and submit documentation of disability to the SASS office. An intake meeting will be scheduled with a SASS staff member to determine appropriate accommodations. Families are welcome to join in this intake meeting that typically occurs during the summer prior to arrival.

What documentation is required in order to register?

A full neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluation is preferred. Depending on the individual student, this type of documentation may not be available. In this case, documentation may take the form of a letter from a certified professional. Documentation must be on letterhead with a signature from the certified professional. It must include the diagnosis(es) and the impact of the disability on academic performance. Information about any medications that you are taking and how they might impact your performance is also beneficial. 

Can I just send my IEP from high school?

The IEP or 504plan may be shared as supplemental information, but we still require the psychoeducational or neuropsychological evaluation that was used to generate the IEP. 

Will college accommodations be the same as high school accommodations?

Not necessarily. High schools may provide both accommodations and modifications of academic requirements. At the college level, modifications of course requirements or formats are not permitted. Accommodations may or may not be the same as a student had access to in high school. Some accommodations that were not available in high school may apply in college.

How recent does the documentation need to be?

We do not have an exact timeframe, however the more recent the documentation, the more accurate the information about current student performance. It is preferable that documentation be less than three years old. 

Will you look at my documentation now? What accommodations will I be approved for?

Documentation will be reviewed after a student has registered with our department. We approve accommodations after the intake meeting has been held. 

Do I need to apply to SASS?

No. As long as appropriate documentation is provided, a student may register with SASS to receive accommodations.

What are the fees?

The Basic level of service is provided at no cost. Fee based program costs are announced in the spring for the next academic year. Current year fees are posted on the website.

Does Financial Aid cover program fees?

Every student’s situation is different, so it is recommended to consult with Financial Aid directly to inquire about what your package covers. For students in high financial need, we do offer a limited number of ASP scholarships most semesters. These scholarships are highly competitive with limited funding. Qualifying applicants will be contacted during the summer and over January for each upcoming semester.

How is my level of service determined?

Ultimately the level of service that you sign up for is up to the individual student. If you are not sure which level of service would be the best fit, you may want to discuss it with SASS staff at your intake appointment.

Can I change my level of service?

Level of service is elected every semester. During the semester, services can be increased at any time. However, there is a drop date to reduce services, usually within the first week of the semester. 

How many students are registered with SASS? and in ASP?

Currently, approximately 360 students utilize SASS services, about 21% of the McDaniel population. Approximately a third of those students are enrolled in ASP.

Does SASS communicate with professors?

Academic Counselors may reach out to professor several times during the semester for students using the ASP level of service. Professors will communicate about Basic level students if there is a concern. 

How much communication is there with the parents?

If you are enrolled in the Academic Skills Program and sign a FERPA release, Academic Counselors may send updates to your family a few times during the semester. If you are not in the Academic Skills Program, SASS may reach out to your family in some circumstances if there is a concern.

Do all of the students registered with SASS live together?

No. Residence Life is unaware of SASS registration unless the student discloses this information.

Are there any special classes just for students with disabilities?

No. At the college level, all students are in class together and held to the same academic standards. Accommodations are put in place to level the playing field for students with disabilities.

Are there second language waivers?

We do not offer second language waivers, but in rare cases a student may qualify and apply for a substitution. Students who receive second language substitutions are required to take additional international courses to replace the language courses. More information about this process will be provided during the intake meeting if applicable. 

Are there math waivers?

Math waivers are not available at this time. However, SASS can work with a student and faculty advisor to identify which Quantitative Reasoning courses may be the best fit.

Should I disclose my disability to admissions?

Disability is not a factor in whether a student is admitted to McDaniel. Disability disclosure is up to the individual. All documentation should be sent directly to the SASS Office, not to Admissions.