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The Writing Center

At McDaniel College Writing Center, we positively support students at every step of the writing process. As students ourselves, we bring our own experiences of the writer’s journey to those we serve. We meet the particular needs of everyone who comes to the Writing Center, assisting those students in discovering the critical thinking and writing skills they already possess, helping them hone these skills, and guiding them to produce writing they enjoy creating and are comfortable sharing.

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Developing Your Talent

Writing is at the center of a liberal arts education. Whatever career you pursue, being an effective and persuasive writer will distinguish you. When you work with the Writing Center, you'll be honing your craft and developing your skills with an encouraging, knowledgeable partner by your side. Our Writing Center tutors are professionally trained, and they don't work as proofreaders. Instead, they challenge you to develop your skills in a variety of writing formats: research papers and creative writing are both supported here. Because the Center offers flexible hours that work with your schedule, you'll feel comfortable seeking out help.

Nationally Certified & Trained Tutors

McDaniel College Writing Center recruits peer tutors from across a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. What unites them is a deep love of writing and building a community of writers here at the college. All peer tutors participate in rigorous, ongoing training in accordance with the Association for the Coaching & Tutoring Profession standards.

Minimum Qualifications

To work at the Writing Center, all peer tutors must complete the requirements for Associate Tutor certification by completing a 2-credit training course.

Several tutors also choose to pursue either Advanced Tutor or Master Tutor certification by enrolling in an additional 2-credit course, completing an Independent Study, or participating in Writing Center research.

These professional certifications are effective ways of demonstrating to potential employers or graduate skills the skill you've developed as a peer tutor.

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Come Write In

Have you ever thought about writing your own novel? If so, you might want to consider joining the Writing Center for National Novel Writing Month events. The Writing Center hosts workshops throughout October to help you get ready to write your novel during November. You'll join Becca each Wednesday in October to prepare for your novel, then come back each Wednesday in November to write.

More Than a Writing Center Workshops & Student Support Developing Your Skills

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Get Work Done The Long Night Against Procrastination Support Comes to You

The Writing Center works closely with other campus departments to meet students where they are and encourage academic success. One example is our Long Night Against Procrastination event, where we transform a room in the library into a quiet, open study space where students can work on homework surrounded by other productive students. Writing Center tutors and librarians are there to help students if they need help with writing, citing, or research. Your productive work time is punctuated by occasional de-stress breaks throughout the event. Free snacks and drinks are also available.

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Research Support What's Your Style?

At McDaniel, you will be asked to complete research papers in a variety of research styles. Our Writing Center has got your back! Throughout the fall semester, the Center hosts a series of research and citation workshops, including MLA, APA and CSE. You'll learn the difference between a quote versus a paraphrase and develop your skills in creating a bibliography. Not only valuable for your time as an undergraduate, these workshops provide the foundation for successful graduate-level research as well.

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Career Development Preparing for Professional Success

The Writing Center understands that the value of strong, persuasive writing skills extends beyond success in the classroom. As your writing and communication skills become more nuanced and developed, you will be preparing yourself for life after McDaniel. Employers regularly report that communication skills, including writing, are among the most desired qualifications when hiring new employees. We encourage you to work closely with the Center for Experience & Opportunity to identify job and internship opportunities alongside your work with the Writing Center.

Connect With Us

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Tutoring Available by Appointment & Walk-In