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The Arch in Spring.

Griswold-Zepp Award

Want to change the world? Need the funds to make it possible? Apply for a Griswold-Zepp Award!

Students planting trees at Singleton Matthews Farm.

About the Award

With the Griswold-Zepp Award, students can design their own nonprofit idea and apply for a grant of up to $3000.

Projects should strongly exemplify the true spirit of volunteerism and community service. Recipients of the award may carry out projects during the regular semesters, January Term, or the summer months. Award monies MUST be used during the year the recipient receives the award. Any unused monies must be returned to the scholarship fund.

Applications to apply for the Griswold-Zepp Award are available each fall. Students will need to complete an online application and get recommendations from three faculty members. 

The Griswold Zepp Award honors Earl Griswold and Ira Zepp, long-time faculty advisors for SOS/Hinge, a community service and volunteerism group on campus. This fund was made possible by SOS/Hinge alumni.

2018-2019 Winners

Three student groups won Griswold-Zepp Awards in the 2018-2019 school year. 

McDaniel students at the new greenhouse they purchased with their Griswold-Zepp award.

Green Life’s Green Terror Greenhouse – Cari Witherow, Katie Holland, Atticus Rice

The initiative began the process of building a greenhouse in the McDaniel campus garden space. The greenhouse will not only be used by McDaniel students, but for community outreach with the Boys and Girls Club. Educational programming will follow in the years to come.

CASE students work on their Griswold-Zepp project.

C.A.S.E will allow for the training of students to serve as peer counselors to student victims of sexual harassment or assault. Peer counselors will receive training through a number of in-person and online sessions, which will prepare them to assist and support victims during the reporting and healing process. Peer counselors will also give presentations to student organizations to introduce them to sex and consent education.

Compost Club students work on their Griswold-Zepp project.

Compost Club – Haley Chan and Theadora Westlake-Stearns

This project will support increasing composting efforts on campus. The Club will provide every apartment with a kitchen access to a compost pot and outdoor bin. To further increase awareness, an educational workshop was held. The workshop consisted of several activities centered around how to live in an eco-friendly manner.

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