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When You're Ready to Commit

We know that competitive high school students consider applying to college Early Decision (ED) after thoughtful research. If you have identified McDaniel as your first choice, consider applying Early Decision by our November 1 ED Deadline

Apply ED Now

How Early Decision Works

Early Decision plans are binding, which means a student who is accepted as an ED applicant is required to attend McDaniel in the fall. It is for this reason that Early Decision applicants are required to have their school counselor and parent acknowledge that they are applying Early Decision and must submit McDaniel's Early Decision Agreement Form.  We strongly encourage Early Decision candidates to research McDaniel thoughtfully and thoroughly before making this binding commitment.

Because Early Decision requires students to commit to enroll before they receive their financial aid award, you should understand McDaniel's costs prior to submitting an ED application.  Your Financial Aid Specialist is an important resource as you consider the costs to attending McDaniel. 

It is especially important to consider the costs prior to applying Early Decision for Fall 2024 due to the delays caused by the federal changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

Students who apply Early Decision to McDaniel are admitted at a higher rate than students who apply through our other admission options. 

The Benefits of Early Decision

There are numerous benefits to applying Early Decision and we are pleased to offer them to those students who have decided that McDaniel is their first choice: As an ED candidate, you will:

  • Be evaluated among a smaller pool of applications, which means your application will get added attention. 
  • Learn early if you have been admitted to McDaniel—which means that you can relax and enjoy the rest of your senior year with your admissions process behind you.  
  • Have your 1st choice of McDaniel Local events, which means you get priority class registration.
  • Get a guaranteed parking permit on campus instead of taking the chance on our freshman lottery system. Annual cost of a parking permit is $500.
  • Have the option to upgrade (for a fee), to suite-style housing if available. 
  • Guaranteed 1st or 2nd choice of Freshman Year Seminar. 
  • Upgrade to the Platinum Meal Plan for the cost of the Gold Meal Plan for your first year at McDaniel.
  • Receive notification of awarded scholarships at time of admission. 

November 1

Due to the benefits offered to students pursuing an Early Decision plan, the final deadline to be considered is November 1. This allows the admissions team sufficient time to review your application; through our ED process, you will have your admission decision in hand before December 15, allowing you to relax and enjoy the remainder of your senior year. 

As you consider applying ED, your Admissions Counselor can be a helpful resource. Don't hesitate to reach out for their advice and support. 

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