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How to give through stocks and securities

Gifts of appreciated securities or stock are a tax-smart way to make a meaningful gift to the College. You will avoid capital gains and receive a tax deduction for the fair market value at the time of the transfer.

Here's how to make a gift of stock:

Notify us first. Stock gifts do not arrive with donor names. If we are unaware of your transfer, we will be unable to match the gift to you. Please contact Lawrence "Chip" Junkin MS'15 at 410-857-2256 and provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Name of the company whose stock you are sharing (stock symbol)
  • Approximate number of shares
  • Anticipated date of transfer

Your broker will need the following information to facilitate an electronic transfer of stock.

  • Charles Schwab
  • DTC #0164
  • Further Credit to: McDaniel College, Inc.
  • Account #8246-5217
  • Schwab Customer Service: 1-800-435-4000

McDaniel College’s Federal Tax ID # 52-0591694

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Lawrence "Chip" Junkin MS'15

Senior Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Phone: 410-857-2256

Office: Office of Institutional Advancement