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Parent and Family Council

The McDaniel College Parent and Family Council represents both the council and the College to prospective and current students and families, as well as supports McDaniel’s philanthropic efforts.

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The McDaniel College Parent and Family Council supports McDaniel’s mission as a diverse-student centered community committed to excellence in the liberal arts & sciences and professional studies. Comprised of the College’s most committed parents and family members, the Council serves as an important advisory group for college staff and administrators.

Council members connect with prospective and current students and families, as well as support McDaniel’s philanthropic efforts. They value and provide resources that sustain and enhance McDaniel’s top-notch academic and co-curricular programs while strengthening the College’s reputation.

Recruited by an internal group of college administrators, Council members work to strengthen the partnership between the College and its families. These parent and family leaders bring expertise, resources, and a passion for McDaniel College, and their work and involvement is greatly valued.

Learn more about the McDaniel College Parent and Family Council by emailing

“Families play an integral role in the success of our students and our Parent and Family Council allows them to become even more connected with McDaniel."

Janelle Holmboe, Vice President of Enrollment Management

The Council is made up of a diverse cross-section of families and members who are chosen based on their commitment to both support and be actively engaged with the College. New parents and families are invited to join the Council annually and serve for at least one year with the potential to remain on the Council as long as their child is enrolled as an undergraduate student at McDaniel.

Council members are expected to:  

  • Attend two meetings each year, one that will take place over Family Weekend in the Fall and the other to be held as a virtual meeting at the beginning of the Spring semester.

  • Represent the council by hosting and attending events both on campus, when possible, and regionally to connect with other parents, such as Move-in for first-year students, Family Weekend, and Admissions and Alumni events.

  • Participate in fundraising activities and consider making an annual leadership gift in support of the Fund for McDaniel.

  • Be knowledgeable of campus resources, activities, and services and share information with prospective and new families, as well as current families, by writing for the Council newsletter, serving on a parent panel, or posting in the McDaniel Parents and Families Facebook Group.

  • Share personal expertise and skills, while providing new ideas, feedback, and suggestions.

Council members have the opportunity to: 

  • Get to know other McDaniel parents and families.
  • Become more knowledgeable of campus resources, activities, and services.
  • Have direct access to the Council’s staff liaisons and will spend time with the President, the President’s Council, faculty and staff at the bi-annual meetings.

Additional ways to be involved!

  • Participate in McDaniel events and activities throughout the year, including Family Weekend.
  • Make a gift to the Fund for McDaniel.
  • Follow the McDaniel Parents and Families Facebook Group to stay informed of all things McDaniel, including announcements, event information, dates to know, and more.
  • Spread the word about McDaniel where you live, work, and travel.