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Important update: New Pass/D/F grading policy (Undergraduate Students): 03/26/20

*Policy Updated 05/08/2020

Dear Undergraduate Students,

Given the commitment laid out in our First Principles to place students at the center of a humane environment and given the challenges we know students may face in this new modality, the franchised faculty recently voted to adopt an optional Pass/D/F policy outlined below:

Pass/D/F Policy for Undergraduate Students (for the Spring 2020 semester only):

Students may choose to opt into the Pass/D/F policy 24th, 2020. Students can opt into this policy on a course-by-course basis. If they make this irrevocable decision, grades in that course (or courses) will adjust as described below:

  • Grades in the A+ to C- range will be recorded as a “P” for “Pass”(credits awarded; no effect on GPA).
  • Grades in the D+ to D- range will be recorded as a D (credits awarded; calculated into GPA as 1.00 quality points)
  • F grades will be recorded as an F;(no credits awarded; calculated into GPA as 0.00 quality points)

When you are making this decision, you should take the following into consideration:

  • Graduating seniors must achieve a cumulative GPA and major GPA of 2.00 or higher in order to graduate.
  • Students who are retaking a course with the hopes of improving their grade should be aware that a grade of “Pass” will replace a previously earned grade and count toward a graduation requirement; neither the "Pass" nor the prior grade will be calculated into the GPA.
  • Students may not opt into the Pass/D/F policy for ENG 1101 because students must earn a C or higher as college-wide requirement.
  • Education Majors and Minors may not opt into the Pass/D/F grading policy for any courses required by that accredited program because students must earn grades of C or higher.
  • Honors courses are eligible for the Pass/D/F policy.

It is recommended that all students consult with their academic advisor and/or academic counselor or dean ( before opting into the Pass/D/F policy.

Please note that you have until April 24th to make a decision regarding whether you feel this would be beneficial for you. To select this grading option for one or more courses, please fill out the attached form and submit to the Registrar’s Office at

In closing, I want to extend a sincere note of gratitude to you for your resilience and flexibility during these extraordinary times. Please know that, although we are not physically together at this time, you are still a very important part of the McDaniel family.

Wishing you a productive and positive semester. I hope to see you back soon on The Hill.


Julia Jasken



Julia Jasken
Executive Vice President/Provost
McDaniel College