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Will masks be required on-campus?

Per Governor Hogan’s orders, all members of the McDaniel College community—faculty, staff, students, visitors—will be required to wear facial coverings when inside buildings and residential common areas. This includes but is not limited to:

  • When in class or in all classrooms
  • When in the library
  • When walking throughout residential spaces
  • In a department or campus office
  • When walking around in the Student Center or any communal spaces
  • When in communal gatherings or meetings, (whether formal or informal) where two or more people are present
  • In communal restrooms, except when showering or brushing teeth

All McDaniel College students, faculty, and staff reserve the right to kindly ask that students and other community members wear a face covering if they are not wearing one in a required setting. It is recommended that all students carry an extra face covering while on campus.