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What are the College's COVID-19 prevention, testing and treatment protocols for students?

COVID-19 testing protocols will be central to our return to campus and we are working in collaboration with the Carroll County Health Department, who has already agreed to partner with the college should any student test positive for COVID-19.

Our Student Prevention, Testing and Treatment Protocols for COVID-19 are applicable to all students spending time on campus, both residential and commuter. These policies and guidelines pertain to the prevention of COVID-19, procedures for potential exposure or if a student receives a positive test result, student isolation and quarantine, and voluntary surveillance testing.

Those with further questions about isolation or quarantine should read this planning guide prepared to help students plan for an isolation or quarantine scenario. Included within this planning guide is the suggestion of assembling a “To Go Bag” with essentials that students will need in isolation including toiletries, comfortable clothing, masks, hand sanitizer, snacks such as protein bars, applesauce and water, thermometers, electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, chargers, and all academic materials.  

Please note that residential students have the option to isolate at home and all students who live within 200 miles of campus should have a plan in place for isolating at home.