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What is the required Limited Community Contact Period and why do we have it this semester when we didn’t have it in the fall?

Though we realize the inconvenience of limiting in-person social interaction, all residential students will participate in a required Limited Community Contact Period from the day they move on campus until Monday, February 8. This is an additional health and safety measure being put in place for the spring semester due to rising COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations nationally and regionally. We believe a period of limited community contact will help ensure a safe and healthy campus by minimizing the potential spread of asymptomatic positive cases on campus. This is especially important because winter weather negatively impacts safer options like outdoor dining.

Residential students will be expected to minimize in-person contact as much as possible during this period. Students will be permitted to leave their on-campus residence to pick up food and, if applicable, use a shared bathroom. Students can also be outside following social distancing and mask wearing guidelines. Residential students should plan to remain on campus and limit all community contact both on-campus and off. All classes, including hybrid and in-person classes, will be fully online for the first week to support the Limited Community Contact Period.

Commuter students should sign up to get tested on the 5, 6 or 7 if they will be participating in hybrid or in-person classes.