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Debra Lemke

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I came to McDaniel College because I wanted to teach undergraduate students. I am passionate about my discipline and want to share that enthusiasm. Since 2004, I have engaged sociology majors in survey research about McDaniel College on topics of interest to them such as relationship status, political party affiliation, self esteem, and campus involvement, just to name a few. My classes engage students in active learning. In addition to working with survey data, my students participate in service learning with community partners.


Ph.D., Iowa State University
M.A.EXT, University of Georgia
B.S. in Zoology, University of Georgia

Research Interests

  • Sociological theory

  • Social stratification

  • Research methods

  • Survey research

Recent Courses

  • SOC 2104: Historical Sociological Theory

  • SOC 3105: Research Methods in Sociology

  • SOC 3420: White Collar Crime

  • SOC 2412: Wealth, Power and Prestige

  • TSS 2111: Global Explorations: China

Selected Publications

  • Debra Lemke, Jeff Marx, and Lauren Dundes. Challenging Notions of Academic Entitlement and Its Rise Among Liberal Arts College Students. (2017) Behavioral Sciences. 7(4), 81.

  • Lauren Dundes, Anna Kulow, and Debra Lemke. Energy conversation strategies among American college students. (2009) Energy Efficiency 2:233-241.

  • Li, Boni and Debra C. Lemke. A Comparison Study between American and Chinese Societies: Home Caring for Elders with Alzheimer's and Memory Impairment. (2004) The Social Sciences Journal, Vol. 41, No. 4.

Awards and Honors

  • 2001 Ira Zepp Distinguished Teaching Award

Debra Lemke

Contact Prof. Lemke