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A caricature of Paul Muhlhauser, English professor, waving "hi"

After meeting me, you'll find out more about my journey from Alaska to Maryland and how I survived. You'll come to understand how unprepared I was for humidity, poison ivy, and rattlesnakes. If you experience classes with me, you'll witness my expertise in remix (culture jamming & mashing movies together); transmedia storytelling; social media branding; pataphysics; and website design. If you take a class I teach, your dreams will come true and, for some of you, your wildest dreams will come true.


Ph.D. (emphases in rhetoric and digital media) and M.A., Washington State University

Research Interests

  • Remix

  • Transmedia storytelling

  • Website design

  • Technological equity

  • Pataphysics

  • Dating websites

Recent Courses

  • ENGL 2101: Remixing Popular Culture

  • ENGL 2103: Transmedia Storytelling

  • ENGL 3307: Social Media: Rhetoric and Design

  • FYS 1204: Tooning In

  • ENC 1111: Make it. Market. Sell it.

  • ENC 1200: You Are What You Eat

Selected Publications

Clubs and community involvement

  • Faculty Advisor for McDaniel Free Press

  • Faculty Advisor for Asian Community Coalition

Awards and Honors

  • Self-awarded "docta" of pataphysics

  • 2014 recipient of Organization of Communication, Language, and Gender Conference Creative Expression Award for Avengendering of the Lambs.

  • Parent of the Year, coming soon.

A caricature of Paul Muhlhauser, English professor, waving "hi"

"I took this class because it was required."