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Environmental Studies professor named to Westminster City Council

Picture of Mona Becker taking the oath of office to join the Westminster City Council.
January 20, 2015

Mona Becker took the oath of office on Dec. 15, beginning her first foray into politics.

An 11-year resident of Westminster, Becker says the timing could not have been better for her to join the city council.

“I like to be involved in the community, so I thought about running for office a couple times in the past year. I love Westminster, and I really do believe in public service,” said the chair of the Environmental Studies department.

She looks forward to learning how Westminster works and contributing to long-term sustainability projects.

“As the city grows, the city’s going to require more water, and that’s something I can contribute to given my background,” she said.

Becker is no stranger to leadership, having served as president of the Maryland Association of Science Teachers and working with the National Science Teacher Foundation at regional and local levels in addition to holding leadership roles at McDaniel College and Carroll County Public Schools.

“The other thing I want to do is just really get people involved in their community. I also believe in volunteerism,” she said.

Becker plans to run to retain the seat in May, when her appointment ends.