Students explore uncommon topics during Jan Term 2013

McDaniel students on the Discovering Berlin Jan Term trip meet with U.S. Ambassador to Germany Philip Murphy.
January 15, 2013

Jan Term 2013 features more than 50 uncommon courses, on campus and off, designed to provide opportunities for students to try something new, take on an internship or experience a new culture. One Jan Term is required for graduation and included in tuition, although plenty of McDaniel students keep coming back for more.

During this year’s three-week session, more than one-fourth of McDaniel students – 455 in all – are exploring such topics as Dada, animation, fitness games, modern photography, internships and theatre festival while others have packed their bags to experience Greece, Berlin, Italy, Zimbabwe, Israel, the marine life of the Bahamas and the reefs off the coast of Venezuela.

Jan Term postcards:

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Here’s a sampling of this year’s offerings:

Dada: An International Art Movement
While their classmates visit the Parthenon and remnants of the Berlin wall, Dada is taking a group of McDaniel students on a virtual journey to a different era – one  devoid of rules, limitations and even standards.

Discovering Berlin
They visited the Brandenburg Gate and stood in reflective silence near the infamous Wall that once divided a city and nation, but the top highlight of McDaniel students’ study tour to Berlin remains the hour they spent talking with U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Philip Murphy.

Landing That Internship
Although Lauren Avery has two internships to her credit, the junior Communication major is finding new avenues to her next internship and career during the Jan Term 2013 course, “Landing that Internship.”

Greece: Myths, Monks and Monuments
It’s one thing to study Homer, Plato and Aristotle, but traveling to the birthplace of Western civilization with classics professor Tom Falkner brings it all to life. Students are using all of their senses to explore monuments, archaeological sites, museums and marketplaces in the capital Athens and at several other stops, including the islands of Crete and Santorini.

Civil Religion in American Life
History professor Bryn Upton designed the “Civil Religion in America” Jan Term class to advance students’ understanding not just of the terminology associated with civil religion but also how our beliefs about our nation and our collective past influence our decisions, public policies and especially foreign policies.

Theatre Festival Experience
During Jan Term sessions in the McDaniel theatre, lecturer Nick DePinto is preparing his students to join more than 900 of their peers from 79 colleges and universities for the Region II Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Jan. 12-16. At the festival and in class, they will work on skills that span auditions, directing, lighting, set design, critical review and more.

Behind bars: a guided tour
Andrew Stritch’s 42 years with Maryland’s prison system makes him the perfect person to help the 22 students in his “Correctional Facilities” Jan Term class sort out fact from fiction. The adjunct lecturer has seen it all as a probation officer, parole officer and case manager, and his guided tours of correctional facilities have debunked more than a few myths in the minds of his students.