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Class of 2019: Wayne Young Jr.

Wayne Young served on many executive boards during his time on the Hill, including the Social Work Advocates Network, Hispanic Latinx Alliance and Global Zero. He also founded the McDaniel College Debate and Speech Club.

Wayne Young '19 majored in Social Work

Wayne Young is a Social Work major who graduated from McDaniel in 2019.

Wayne Von Young Jr., from Baltimore, is a Social Work major with a minor in Women’s Studies.

The me who will ring the Old Main bell on Commencement Day is: stronger in mind, more passionate in heart, and more fluid in confidence. The me who will ring the bell on May 25 is also well connected with a robust network of professionals in and outside of McDaniel College.

Footprints I am leaving on the Hill: The students I have impacted by being a Resident Assistant, the standard I have set of what academic progress looks like and the many people I have mentored on my own to be the most superior version of themselves. I have been involved in many executive board positions including Social Work Advocates Network, Hispanic Latinx Alliance and Global Zero. I am also the founder of the McDaniel College Debate and Speech Club.

Professor who most influenced who I have become: The entire department of Social Work (Dr. Catherine Orzolek-Kronner, Dr. Jim Kunz, and Professor Michelle Young). In addition, my first year seminar professor Dr. Becky Carpenter, who played a large role in shaping my foundation of undergrad.

My mentor. For life.: Katherine Green, my field supervisor and Dr. Carpenter, my advisor. (There are many more but I’ll keep it to these two.)

Best class ever: The best class I took on campus would have to be Women’s Lives in the 21st century. This feminism course explores the subject from an intersectional framework and allowed me to participate in robust conversations on issues I find to be crucial and under- discussed.

Took me totally by surprise: When Glar dining hall changed vendors.

My favorite spot on campus: My bedroom because I can escape after my long days! I also enjoy sitting near the water fountain in front of Big Baker because it is calming when the water is on.

Real world experiences: I am currently interning for the Carroll County Public School System with East Middle School’s B.E.S.T program. I am also conducting a departmental honors project, which involves students of color and campus safety.

My capstone: Field Placement with Carroll County Public School System

What it’s about: I provide mental health services to middle school students

What it’s really about: I am a school counselor who helps middle schoolers with the daily stress of being a middle schooler.

What’s next: I will be attending the University of Maryland School of Social Work with Advanced Standing and graduating with my master’s in 2020.