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Five Baltimore City high school seniors awarded full-tuition scholarships to McDaniel

Representatives from McDaniel College, Baltimore City Public Schools, and the CollegeBound Foundation surprised five Baltimore City high school seniors with full-tuition scholarships to attend McDaniel College as part of the Class of 2028. They each received a scholarship covering full tuition for all four years at McDaniel, valued at approximately $200,000.

Breyon CollegeBound scholarship

Breyon Childs from Frederick Douglass High School was surprised with a full-tuition scholarship to McDaniel.

Five Baltimore City high school seniors were surprised April 12 with full-tuition scholarships to attend McDaniel as part of the incoming Class of 2028.

Representatives from McDaniel College, including the Green Terror, Baltimore City Public Schools, and the CollegeBound Foundation, made the announcements at the students' high schools—Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Western High School, Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School, REACH! Partnership School, and Frederick Douglass High School.

The full-tuition scholarships cover all four years at McDaniel and are each valued at approximately $200,000.

Since 2008, McDaniel College has partnered with the CollegeBound Foundation to provide full-tuition scholarships to Baltimore City high school students. McDaniel’s Admissions Office annually interviews students from CollegeBound Foundation-staffed Baltimore City public high schools for the scholarship.

Jadon Thomas CB

Jadon Thomas Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Jadon Thomas developed an interest in coding, thanks to one of his siblings, and credits his parents’ decision to foster children with making him comfortable with sharing ideas and adapting to change. He competes on Poly’s tennis and track teams, is president of the school’s recycling club, and is a member of the gardening club. He’s also a bike enthusiast and active in his church youth group. He had the opportunity to weigh-in on health-related issues impacting Baltimore City youth as a member of Baltimore City’s Youth Advisory Council.


Esther CB

Esther Zuniga-Cuellar Western High School

Esther Zuniga-Cuellar is among the top students in her senior class. Her teachers speak of her being a forceful academic presence in the classroom, embracing the learning of new material, and striving for excellence in her work. She is devoted to her family and looks forward to meeting new people and gaining a better understanding of her own self in college. She enjoys growing her global knowledge through documentaries and wants to find a career that makes her happy and inspires her passion.  

Chansanique CB

Chansanique Sinkler Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School

Chansanique Sinkler is known for her energy, creativity, and infectious passion for learning. She has been making her own comics since middle school and a summer internship with the Baltimore Rock Opera Society gave her the chance to work with a diverse team of artists while learning the ins and outs of event production. She holds herself to a high standard and is looking to find a way to contribute to improving the quality of the environment.


Deric Dowd CB

Deric Dowd REACH! Partnership School

Deric Dowd ranks first in his senior class at REACH!, where he has sought out opportunities to come together with his peers to build a community in which they all can succeed. He has also made additional connections through his participation in robotics. He aspires to work in the mental health field to support teens as they work through personal challenges.

Breyon and the GT

Breyon Childs Frederick Douglass High School

Breyon Childs is among the top in her graduating class and is recognized for her drive, attention to detail, and insatiable curiosity. She is a leader at Frederick Douglass and pays it forward by encouraging other students to give back to their school community. She is president of L.I.V.E. Poet Society and is directing her own original play, “Footlingers.” Through her participation in the YMCA’s New Horizons program, she has learned important life skills, as well as become more adaptable to change and improved her communication skills.