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McDaniel announces partnership with LifeBridge Health

New partnership expands McDaniel’s student health services. McDaniel students can receive routine medical care and telehealth appointments through LifeBridge Health as an expansion of the college’s Wellness Center offerings.

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Starting this fall, McDaniel College is partnering with LifeBridge Health to expand the college’s student health service offerings provided by McDaniel’s Wellness Center.

Through this partnership, McDaniel students can receive routine medical care and telehealth appointments directly from LifeBridge Health. This also offers greater access to medical specialists within the LifeBridge Health Network, as well as coordination with Carroll Hospital.

With a primary care practice located about a half-mile from campus in the College Square Shopping Center, it makes it convenient for students while they are on campus to have access to telehealth appointments five days a week. After-hours emergencies will continue to be handled by the Department of Campus Safety in conjunction with the LifeBridge Health medical providers when appropriate. McDaniel will provide transportation for students who need to be seen in person to and from the primary care practice.

“When Garrett Hoover, the President of Carroll Hospital, asked if the College was interested in exploring a new partnership with LifeBridge Health that would increase the medical care offered to McDaniel students, the answer was a resounding yes," said Dean of Students Liz Towle. “Even before the pandemic, the College has prioritized the health and safety of our students. This partnership is particularly important right now because of COVID-19. It allows us to expand our student health services offerings, so our Wellness Center will be able to prioritize COVID-19 related medical care, including weekly surveillance testing throughout the semester.”

In addition, the Wellness Center at McDaniel will continue to serve students seeking counseling and mental health services, although the Center will not be open for walk-in appointments. Students requiring these services should call the Wellness Center for assistance. For more information about the Wellness Center, visit

For more information about McDaniel’s fall reopening plans, visit the Return to the Hill (RTTH) webpage at, which continues to be updated with the latest information.