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New Student Orientation Fall 2023


Throughout this Guide, FYS course numbers will be referenced for event attendance.

Course Title Course Code Instructor
Acting on Stage and Off FYS 1113 Fouche
Are You Ready 4 Some Football? FYS 1258 Mongiello
Beyond the Eiffel Tower FYS 1140 Motard-Noar
Breaking Barriers: Pop Culture in the Arab World FYS Zaru
Chemistry in Context FYS 1137 Craig
Community Design Lab FYS 1271 Irla
Exploring Disabilities in Mixed Media FYS 1210 Ramsey
Find your Strong: Running for your Life FYS 1269 Lebo
Food Chemistry FYS 1218 Homan
Gender, Literature, Culture FYS 1149 Carpenter
Gender, Literature, Culture FYS 1149-02 Carpenter
Heroic Leaders and Evil Tyrants FYS 1222 Grice
Mark to Message: Drawing Now! FYS 1196 Pearson
Psychology and the Law FYS 1157 Morris
Putin's Russia FYS 1136 Zejmis
Rebels in Early America FYS 1206 Feeley
Scientific Thinking Strategies FYS 1225 Huang
Shakespeare's Game of Thrones FYS 1232 Zajac
Soccer, Fandom, and Global Contexts FYS 1265 Olivares
Sociology: A Global Perspective FYS 1104 Lemke
Stephen King: The Books and the Movies FYS 1250 Bendel-Simso
Take it to the Streets! FYS 1257 Zappardino
The Examined Life FYS 1231 Tyler
The Middle Ages through Video Games FYS 1274 Bjerke
The Psychology of Violence and Nonviolence FYS 1267 Collyer
The Rise and Fall of the Galactic Empire FYS 1273 Champoux-Crowley
Theatre Appreciation FYS 1135 Joslyn
Unseen Math in Puzzles and Games FYS 1245 Gribben
Water, Food, and Environment FYS 1233 Fang

Welcome to Westminster. Welcome to McDaniel College.

Your home away from home.

After the welcome at the Westminster Branch of the Carroll County Library, students are invited to...

Take time to browse the Farmer’s market for fresh produce, hunt for a great gift item in a main street boutique, or dine in a convenient local restaurant for a tasty local or international flavor! (Englar Dining Hall is also available for lunch on your meal plan.)

Westminster Map

On the Hill, we never stop climbing.

We call our campus the Hill. It’s a place where you’re constantly climbing. The higher you climb, the clearer your view: of yourself, your passions, and all you can become.

McDaniel College is home to a community with a fierce commitment to your educational journey. Whatever you choose to study, you’ll gain the knowledge, confidence, and tenacity to conquer any challenge like a Green Terror (our one-of-a-kind mascot). Ready to take the first step? Let’s go.

McDaniel Map

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