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Your Hunger. Satisfied.

The dining experience at McDaniel College is based around fresh food and community. With more than 80% of students living on campus, sharing a meal is a central part of the McDaniel experience. And you'll do that while enjoying food that is is freshly prepared by our chefs. We offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options, and label all menu items accordingly.

Students in Englar Dining Hall near counter.
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McDaniel Mobile Ordering Download the App today!

Make reservations in Englar Dining Hall and order take-out at Caseys' Corner and Hilltop Pub. 

  1. Download the "Transact Mobile Ordering" app
  2. Select "McDaniel Online"
  3. Login using your McDaniel username and password

Your Dining Options

Here at McDaniel, our four dining facilities offer unique menus and dining experiences to accommodate your  needs. Varying food selections not only give you a wide variety to choose from on a daily basis, but also provide a diverse assortment for the more adventurous palate. 

Students in Englar Dining Hall.

The Mainstay Englar Dining Hall Satisfy Your Craving

Known affectionately as "Glar" by students on campus, Englar Dining Hall is the primary dining option on campus. In order to comply with social distancing guidelines, students will reserve a seat in Englar Dining Hall ahead of time using a mobile ordering app. Breakfast options include eggs, pancakes/waffles, vegetarian options, toast, cereal, and omelet service, as well as prepackaged options. Lunch and Dinner will options include salads, hot entrees, pizza, allergen free entrée station, pre-wrapped grill items like burgers, green salads to order, soup and desserts.

Student on phone seated at table near window.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Hilltop Pub (Freshen's) Late Night Dining

  • Mobile ordering, limited seating and take-out operation.
  • Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night.
  • Freshen’s concept includes fresh Flatbreads, Salads, Wraps, Rice Bowls and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.
  • Self-serve Kiosks to allow diners to order menu items with limited contact with team members.
Students at Casey's Corner.

Our On-Campus Coffee Shop Caseys' Corner Get Caffeinated

Proudly serving Starbucks coffee and local pastries from Jeannie Bird Bakery, Caseys' Corner is our local coffee shop. Looking to grab a bagel on the run or an iced mocha on a hot day? Caseys' Corner is your spot. In order to maintain social distancing guidelines, Casey's Corner will be available by mobile ordering ONLY and operated through a take-out window next to the front door in the Hoover Library foyer.  

Students in conversation at table in Englar Dining Hall.

24 hours, 7 days a week Market C Coming Soon!

Market C features local and convenient items for those who reside on campus.

  • Food is sold on an a la carte basis.
  • Meal money and credit cards only.
  • No cash accepted.

Meal Plans/Transaction Options

Meal plans have been adjusted to reflect the extensive Grab and Go options throughout campus. For the fall semester, McDaniel Buck amounts have been doubled for each student and the number of meal exchanges has increased.

Cash will no longer be accepted at any location. Credit cards are allowed by using contactless transactions.

Meal Swipes, Guest Passes, Credit Card
Meal Exchanges, McDaniel Bucks, Credit Cards, Mobile Ordering
Meal Exchanges, McDaniel Bucks, Credit Cards, Mobile Ordering

Platinum Plan

Our most flexible plan, this plan offers unlimited meals at Englar Dining Hall, 75 Meal Exchanges at The Pub and $75 in McDaniel Bucks. The cost of this plan is $3,455/semester.

Gold Plan

Our most popular plan, the Gold Plan includes 19 meals per week at Englar Dining Hall, 45 Meal Exchanges at The Pub and $50 in McDaniel Bucks. The cost of this plan is $3,310/semester.

Silver Plan

The Silver Plan includes 12 meals per week at Englar Dining Hall, 30 Meal Exchanges at The Pub and $50 in McDaniel Bucks. The cost of this plan is $2,741/semester. The Silver Plan is not available to first-year residential students.


Bronze Plan

The best plan for commuters, the Bronze Plan includes 5 meals per week at Englar Dining Hall and $50 in McDaniel Bucks.  The cost of this plan is $1,184/semester. The Bronze Plan is not available to first-year residential students.


Faculty and students in the Green Terror Garden.

Fresh Takes The Green Terror Garden Academic & Delicious

The Green Terror Garden houses several different crops and a variety of flowers designed to offer experiential learning opportunities for all interested students on the Hill. In addition to learning opportunities, goals include transforming the area to be a McDaniel community gathering place, partnering with local organizations such as the Boys and Girls club of Westminster and The Keep and Till. Additionally, the project aims to establish a farmers market on campus and to incorporate crop yield with the college’s dining services. Ultimately, the garden is a foundation for establishing a student-operated farm rooted in restorative agricultural practices.

Ms. Bobbie Pfeiffer serving salad in Glar.

A McDaniel Tradition Meet Ms. Bobbie Salad with a Side of Care

Each weekday at the start of lunch, Bobbie Pfeiffer stands ready at her salad station in the corner of Englar Dining Hall. Students start to line up, ordering their salads—perhaps with one of Pfeiffer’s original dressings—and the line quickly grows longer. McDaniel students and Pfeiffer call each other by name, chat about the day and, more often than not, they’ll find something to laugh about.

For nearly ten years Bobbie Pfeiffer, known to students as “Ms. Bobbie,” has served as McDaniel’s go-to custom salad-maker. Ten years later, after several salad station location moves and corporate changes, Pfeiffer now has a variety of dressings, which she stirs in individual salads with a pair of tongs. She even makes some of her own.

Celebrating our Seniors

We're proud to be located in the state of Maryland, and we celebrate that each year at our annual Senior Crab Feast. If you've spent four years on the Hill and still don't know how to dig in...don't worry! There are plenty of self-proclaimed experts among your peers waiting to show off their crab-pickin' talents.

crabCreated with Sketch.

steamed Maryland crabs are devoured at the annual Senior Crab Feast!