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Student Government Association

At McDaniel, student input is highly valued and strongly encouraged. The Student Government Association (SGA) is the central coordinating body that serves to promote the general welfare of the student body and to express a student voice in the affairs of the College. Members of the SGA include the Executive Board, Cabinet Members, and Senators. The Executive Board leads the SGA and is elected by the student body in the spring for the upcoming school year.


Students in North Village.

Elected Representatives

Because it is impossible for College leadership to speak to every student on campus, the elected board members of the SGA serve as important representation of the student body at large. By working closely with college leadership and Trustees, SGA members hone their own leadership skills and influence the future of the college. Serving on the Student Government Association's executive board also demonstrates significant responsibility and leadership experience for future employers or graduate school admission committees.

Grad students in conversation in lobby.

Increasing Collaboration Ask McDaniel Anything Partnering Together

Each month, current students are invited to attend an Ask McDaniel Anything discussion. Led by our Dean of Students, these discussions bring various campus leaders directly to students, providing an opportunity for open and transparent communication between college leadership and students. SGA leadership attends the Ask McDaniel Anything conversations and use the platform to voice student questions, concerns or ideas. Simultaneously, SGA leaders and current students learn more about opportunities for them to be involved. It's just one of the ways we encourage collaborative problem-solving and relationship-development across campus.


Students in Hoover Library.

Students at the Table Student Trustee Members Envisioning Our Future

The McDaniel College Board of Trustees provides oversight to the college and makes strategic decisions related to the future of the institution. As part of the college's commitment to student input, each year two students (typically representatives from the Student Government Association) represent the student body as Student Trustees. This empowers elected student representatives to be part of the institutional decision-making at the very highest level.