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Residence Life: Opening & Closing Calendar

2023-2024 Residence Hall Calendar

Aug 24

Residence Halls open for new first year and transfer students.

Aug 26

Residence Halls open for returning students Saturday, August 26 through Sunday, August 27.

Oct 16

October Fall Break October 16-17: Please note that the residence halls are NOT closed during this break.

Nov 22

Thanksgiving Break: Closing: Wednesday, November 22 at 10am Re-Open: Sunday, November 26 at 12pm.

Dec 16

Winter Break: Closing: Saturday, December 16 at 10am.

Jan 1

January Term Opening: Monday, January 1 at 12pm. Please note that only students who have previously applied for Jan Term housing and approved are able to move in this day.  This includes some campus employees and winter sports teams.

Jan 21

Spring Semester: Opening: Sunday, January 21 at 12pm.

Mar 8

Spring Break: Closing: Friday, March 8 at 7pm Re-Open: Sunday, March 17 at 12pm.

May 11

End of Year: Closing: Saturday, May 11 at 10am (this is for all non-May graduates) Commencement and Final Closing: Saturday, May 18 at 7pm (this is for May graduates).