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Meetings and Office Hours 

Students are at the heart of McDaniel College and President Jasken welcomes opportunities to speak with students directly. In addition to informal interactions and planned social and academic events, students can engage formally with President Jasken in a variety of ways.

Letters of Reference

President Jasken is happy to write letters of recommendation for students when appropriate, typically when students are applying for competitive fellowships or graduate programs. If you are interested in having President Jasken write you a recommendation, she will require at least two weeks’ notice.

To submit your request, please provide the information:

  • Your name, student ID and major.

  • The audience who will be receiving the letter and any associated instructions, including deadlines. Remember that the deadline must be at least two weeks from the day your request is submitted.

  • A short summary that includes:

  • One paragraph explaining how you met President Jasken, how long you have known each other, and in what capacity.

  • One paragraph detailing your academic achievements, grades, special projects, and the subject of an academic pursuit of which you are especially proud.

  • One paragraph about your integration in the life of the College. Describe your involvement in committees, clubs, political initiatives, conferences, research, etc.

  • One paragraph about your personality.

  • One paragraph about any service projects or volunteer work you have completed.

  • No more than one additional paragraph containing any additional information that you think is particularly relevant for the specific use of the letter, or any other particulars you think are important but not included in the above items.

  • Submit a resume if you have one prepared.

Once these materials are complete, email them to

You will be notified once your letter is submitted and/or ready for you to pick up.