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McDaniel Local

As an incoming student, you'll participate in McDaniel Local, the first experience in the McDaniel Commitment and part of the My Place component of the program. This life-changing event gives you the insider track to being a McDaniel student. McDaniel Local is a mandatory program for all incoming first-year students and you'll walk away with information and new friends.

Students on campus for McDaniel Local.

Ensuring Your Success

We've designed McDaniel Local with the most cutting-edge student success and readiness strategies in mind. This means that each McDaniel Local activity prepares you in a purposeful way for the transformational college journey you're about to embark on. Some of your activities will be highly relevant to your academic success; you'll complete your first meeting with your academic advisor and register for courses during McDaniel Local. However, many of the activities are designed to ease your anxiety about college, providing plenty of opportunities to connect with others and make friends before you even arrive on campus.

Getting to Know Westminster

The average college student attends a college less than 46 miles away from home. With students from as close as Baltimore and as far as California, Oregon and New Zealand, finding your place in Westminster is an important part of your college experience. McDaniel Local introduces you to the city of Westminster and helps you get to know your new home. You'll walk down Main Street. Meet with City Council members. Have dinner at local restaurants and meet the owners. In short, by the time you leave, you'll feel like a local.

Impressive Outcomes

We know the impact McDaniel Local has on our new students because we ask them. With 97% of new students attending a McDaniel Local session, we see clear evidence of improved connection and readiness for college in our pre- and post-event surveys.

When asked to measure their sense of connection to McDaniel and the community on a scale of 1-5 before and after McDaniel Local, student responses clearly demonstrated the impact of the program:

  • 2.8 (before McDaniel Local)
  • 4.1 (after McDaniel Local)
Storefronts in downtown Westminster, Maryland.

Your New Home

Close your eyes and picture the quintessential college town. If you’re seeing cafés, coffee shops, and old brick buildings full of thriving small businesses—you're picturing Westminster. Of course, we’re biased, but we really do feel like Westminster has it all. Just a short walk down the Hill from McDaniel and suddenly you’re in a charming town of about 20,000 people—rich in history, culture, and comfort.