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2020-2021 Undergraduate Tuition, Room, Board & Fees

The tuition, room, board and fees for the 2021-2022 academic year are below. These reflect the direct costs that will be charged to a student. Any eligible and accepted financial aid (including merit and need-based aid) will reduce the amount you have to pay. Note that the Comprehensive Fee is charged to all students regardless of personal circumstance and is not refundable.

By accepting financial aid, students acknowledge the Financial Aid Policies and Procedures.
Tuition $46,336.00 per year Comprehensive tuition for a maximum of 20 credits
Room $6,500.00 per year Standard double occupancy
Board $6,620.00 per year Gold meal plan (see a listing of meal plans here)
New Student Comprehensive Fee $975 per year Includes student activities, laundry, use of fitness facilities, on-campus print allowance, technology infrastructure, McDaniel Local and My Design, registration fees & more.

Cost of Attendance

As you plan for college, it is important to consider that there are costs you'll incur that will not be billed to you directly. We call these "indirect costs" and we are pleased to provide you an estimate of what they might be. We do this through an annual Cost of Attendance.

The Cost of Attendance is the cornerstone of establishing your financial need, and it sets a limit on the total aid that you may receive. It consists of both Direct Costs, (those paid directly to McDaniel), and Indirect Costs, those which are incidental to your attendance at McDaniel.

We use average expenses, rather than actual expenses, to determine approximately what it will cost you to attend school and live for a given enrollment period.

It is important to know that a student can never receive more than the Cost of Attendance in financial aid. This includes any combination of institutional, federal, state, or private funding sources, including merit (scholarships, including outside scholarships) and need-based aid (grants and loans) as well as tuition benefits, ROTC awards, and Resident Advisor contracts.

On-Campus Off-Campus With Parent
Tuition $46,336.00 per year $46,336.00 per year $46,336.00 per year
Room $6,500.00 per year $5,400.00 per year $0 per year
Board $6,620.00 per year $2,300.00 per year $2,300.00 per year
Books & Supplies $1,300 per year $1,300 per year $1,300 per year Indirect charge: to be used in planning
Transportation $1,300 per year $500 per year $500 per year Indirect charge: to be used in planning
Loan Origination Fee $70 per year $70 per year $70 per year Indirect charge: to be used in planning
Personal Expenses &
Miscellaneous Fees
$900 per year $900 per year $900 per year Indirect charge: to be used in planning

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