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McDaniel Scholarships

When you apply for admission to McDaniel, you won’t find a separate scholarship application. Instead, we’ll use your application, transcript and any supporting documents you submit to consider you for a McDaniel Merit Scholarship. These scholarships consider the overall strength of your application, including your academic profile, demonstrated involvement and leadership, strength of writing, character and other factors.

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Merit Scholarship Amounts

McDaniel Merit Scholarships range from $22,000 per year to $33,000 per year for first year students and from $18,000 per year to $27,000 per year for transfer students. Over 70% of our admitted undergraduate students receive merit scholarships that make McDaniel an affordable option.

If eligible, you'll receive your scholarship award letter at the same time that you receive your admission decision. The sooner you complete your application, the sooner you'll know your merit award.

A Four Year Investment

McDaniel Merit Scholarships are awarded for eight semesters (four years) or completion of your primary Bachelor's Degree, whichever comes first. Because these are scholarships that you earned based on your overall qualifications, they are not subject to change year-to-year.

However it is important that students and families understand the policies that apply to merit scholarships.

  • Scholarships are awarded for four years (8 semesters) or the completion of the Bachelor's degree, whichever comes first. Students should work closely with academic advisors to ensure they will complete their academic program in 8 semesters.
  • Students must be enrolled full-time (12 credits) to receive their merit scholarship. If a student drops to part-time enrollment, their scholarship will be removed from their financial aid package.

Legacy Scholarships

McDaniel College is pleased to offer several scholarships to undergraduate students valued at $33,000 annually ($132,000 over four years) for residential students ($22,000 annually for commuters) that are unlike programs you’ll find elsewhere. The Legacy Scholarships recognize two categories of service in addition to family ties to McDaniel and provide alternative ways to make McDaniel accessible for a wide variety of families. 

A Tradition of Teaching Educator's Legacy Supporting Families

To honor and recognize the importance of excellent teaching, McDaniel College offers the Educator's Legacy to the children of K-12 and community college educators who have at least four years of current employment in a school setting and are eligible for full-time benefits at their institutions.

Called to Serve Military Legacy American Heroes

Military veterans, active duty military personnel, and their children who are admitted to McDaniel College as undergraduates are eligible to receive the Military Legacy to help fund their college education.

All in the Family Alumni Legacy Green Terror Proud

To honor and recognize the close family ties that are part of the McDaniel experience, children, step-children and grandchildren of any WMC/McDaniel graduate are eligible to receive the Alumni Legacy.

Additional Scholarships for Outstanding Applicants Recognition of Your Commitment

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A Scholarship Competition The Dorsey Scholars Celebrating Amazing Students

The Dorsey Scholars Program is the most prestigious scholarship competition at McDaniel College. These scholarships are valued at full tuition, room and board for four years and also include other institutional benefits. 

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The Honors Program Presidential Scholarships Academic Excellence

First year students who are in the top ten percent of our admit pool will be invited to join us for McDaniel’s annual Scholars on the Hill event in early February. Students who attend this invitation-only on-campus event will automatically be considered for one of our Presidential Scholars Awards, which begin at $1,000 per year and are determined by the overall strength of the application for admission.

Carroll County Scholars

A Program Made for Young Scholars

Carroll County Scholars is a program for high school students who reside in Carroll County, Maryland, that helps them and their families begin preparing for college at no cost, while making them eligible for a guaranteed scholarship to McDaniel College (participating scholars are not required to commit to or enroll at McDaniel).

Because CCS isn't just a program; it's a promise. Beginning at the end of the 8th grade year, participating students and their families experience four years of educational and impactful programming crafted to support a successful college search.

  • 8th or 10th grade students who are residents of Carroll County are eligible to join the program.
  • Scholars complete programming tailored to their high school year to guide them through the college prep, search, and application processes.
  • Eligible seniors who complete the program are guaranteed a college scholarship of $100,000 ($25,000 per year) to McDaniel.
  • Scholars can compete for a full-tuition college scholarship to McDaniel.
Learn more about CCS