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Contact the Post Office:

​​​Phone: 410-857-2270
Location: Roj Student Center, Middle Level


  • The College Post Office is a contractual branch of the United States Postal Services (USPS) and is bound by the USPS regulations.
  • We offer all domestic and international services, along with Postal Money Orders at the same retail rates as determined by the USPS.
  • We also offer fax services and mailing supplies. 
  • We currently accept cash, checks, and the McDaniel College OneCard for payment.
  • We do not accept credit or debit cards. 

General Information


  • We recommend that all students (including commuters) open and actively maintain a campus mailbox each academic year. The College Post Office distributes letters, small packages, campus announcements, and other important pieces of mail directly to your mailbox.

  • To open a mailbox, you are required to bring your College ID or other valid photo ID.

  • Mailboxes are assigned for each academic year (beginning each August). Therefore, you will have a different mailbox each academic year.

  • Please empty your mailbox daily, due to the size of the box and the volume of mail we deliver.

  • The Post Office is not responsible for theft from mailboxes left unlocked. It is a federal offense to tamper with another person's mailbox or mail.

Mailbox Keys

  • All mailbox keys must be returned to the College Post Office within 10 days of graduation or immediately prior to departure or withdrawal from the College. Failure to return your key will result in a $50.00 charge.

  • You must bring your key and open your mailbox to receive your mail. The College Post Office staff will not issue your mail at the Postal Window. There is no cost for a mailbox key unless it is not returned by the due date at the end of the semester. Your student account will be charged $50 to replace any non-returned keys. Please report lost or stolen keys to the College Post Office immediately.

  • Mailbox keys must be returned each May, at the completion of each academic year. If you will be returning to McDaniel for the Fall Semester, you will be issued a new mailbox and key.

  • If you are a student remaining on campus during the summer months, you must notify the College Post Office if you would like to continue receiving mail during the summer.


To ensure the timely delivery of mail, please use the following address.  When having mail sent to you at McDaniel, you are asked to use the following address. Please be aware that incomplete names, nicknames, and other missing or illegible information may delay the delivery of your mail. These items may also be returned to sender. 

McDaniel College - Student Mail
2 College Hill
Westminster, MD 21157-4390


  • DO NOT use the words "P.O. Box" in the address. This may result in your mail piece being held and/or mis-delivered at the Westminster Post Office.

  • College groups or clubs wishing to send campus mail to the general student population must have approval from the Office of Student Engagement. Event flyers or other mass mailings must bear the official notary stamp of the Office of Student Engagement.

  • While the USPS does not prohibit sending cash through the mail, you are advised that mailing cash presents certain risks, including loss or damage. When sending any kind of payment through the mail, it is strongly recommended that you use secure and traceable payment method such as a check or money order. Traceable forms of shipment including USPS Certified or USPS Registered should be used when sending items of value. Please note that sending cash through inter-office / campus mail is not permitted. 

  • You can mail letters and ship packages via the United States Postal Service daily at the customer service window. We offer packing and shipping supplies to meet your mailing needs. Our helpful staff will gladly assist you in selecting the proper products and / or services to ensure safe and timely delivery while keeping your shipping costs to a minimum.


To ensure the timely delivery of packages, please use the following address.  When having packages sent to you at McDaniel, you are asked to use the following address. Please be aware that incomplete names, nicknames, and other missing or illegible information may delay the delivery of your mail. These items may also be returned to sender. 

McDaniel College - Student Mail
2 College Hill
Westminster, MD 21157-4390


  • Students are notified via SMS text message and / or email when packages have been processed and are available for pickup. These notifications come from Sometimes notifications may end up in your email spam folder. If you are not receiving emails or text messages, you are advised to contact the College Post Office. You must bring your College ID card or other form of photo ID to pick up packages.

  • You may receive delivery notifications from USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon and other carriers before an item is available for pickup.  Incoming deliveries are individually scanned, logged, and processed before being transported to the College Post Office for distribution. Therefore, it is important to wait for the notification from before   

  • Smaller packages will be placed in your campus mailbox. When you receive mail or packages larger than your mailbox, you will receive an SMS text message and / or email notification from Please come to the postal window with your McDaniel ID Card to pick up your package or mail.

  • The College Post Office has extremely limited storage capacity for perishable, refrigerated, or frozen shipments. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee proper storage conditions for temperature sensitive shipments. If you are expecting a perishable or temperature sensitive shipment, you are asked to plan accordingly and arrange for pickup promptly. The College Post Office is not responsible for spoiled perishables and reserves the right to discard spoiled, leaking, or odor emitting items to protect the health and safety of our team.

  • Due to limited storage space, you are asked to pick up any packages as soon as possible. Packages left unclaimed after 10 business days will be returned to sender. If you require extra storage time, you must contact the College Post Office to make arrangements.

  • Please limit incoming and outgoing shipments to under 70lbs. Special handling and transportation must be arranged for items in excess of 70lbs. Contact the manager of the College Post Office for assistance in making special arrangements.

  • Shipments sent via UPS or FedEx must bear a pre-paid shipping label. Please note that you may be required to contact UPS or FedEx to request a carrier pick-up.


McDaniel College is proud to have partnered with Amazon to host an Amazon Hub Locker. Amazon Hub Lockers are secure, self-service kiosks that allow you to pick up your Amazon packages when it is convenient for you. The Amazon Hub Locker is located in Roj Student Center, beside the Post Office. The locker is accessible even on evenings and weekends when the Roj Student Center is open.

To use the Amazon Hub Locker, you must first add the locker to your Amazon account:

  • Log in to Amazon and select "Your Account"
  • Under the "Account settings" section, select "Your Addresses"
  • Select "Add a new pickup location" and search for "McDaniel College" in the search box
  • Find "Amazon Hub Locker - Fast" and click the "Add to address book" button to complete the process
  • Once the locker has been added to your account, you will be able to select it is a pickup location when placing orders on Amazon. Please note that certain bulky or heavy items may not be able to be picked up at the Amazon Locker. These items will be made available for pickup at the College Post Office window.
  • Amazon Hub Lockers can be used for returns of Amazon purchases as well. If you are returning an item on Amazon, look for the locker option
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Betsy Atherton

Veteran's Affairs Coordinator

Registrar's Office
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Steven Atwood

Temporary Patrol Corporal

Campus Safety
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Cohen Babcock

Circulation & Reserves Manager

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Timothy Bagwell

Coordinator of Public Administration

Graduate & Professional Studies
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Elaine Barnard-Luce


Staff Emeritus
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Diana Barr

Support Services Lead

Copy Center
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Andy Barshinger

Gps Advisor & Edl Internship Coordinator

Graduate & Professional Studies
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Kimberly Baumgardner

Assistant Director of Admission Operations

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Angela Bayne

Academic Counselor

Student Access & Support Serv