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Psychology Department


A rich scientific study that examines questions about human and animal behavior and mental processes using psychological theories and scientific methods. Students work closely with faculty on research projects (all laboratory facilities are designed to be used by students), and apply their developing skills in practice, working with clients and organizations in the local community.

Brittany Sears holding books standing next to daughter.

Student Spotlight Brittany Sears Psychology, 2019

“Psychology professor Maggie McDevitt most influenced who I have become. She is the epitome of what a professor should be. She provided me with opportunities outside the classroom that were invaluable. I was a tutor, lab technician, and researcher for her Psychology of Learning class. All of those experiences were wonderful, but we connected on another level. We talked sometimes and both of us would sit there in tears (happy tears, of course) while we had very heartfelt discussions. I think she knew the apprehensions I had about myself and about being a non-traditional student. She knew me better than I knew myself. I know I have Dr. McDevitt on my team for the rest of my life and that is one of the most important things I will take away from McDaniel.”

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