Faculty accomplishments and accolades

Faculty in regalia.
May 06, 2014

McDaniel’s distinguished faculty have presented and published their work nationally and internationally.

Greg Alles (Religious Studies) had a publication titled “Rudolf Otto and the Cognitive Science of Religion” in Rudolf Otto: Theologie-Religionsphilosophie-Religionsgeschichte. He also spoke via Skype on a panel, “Mind-Body Dualism among Adivasis in Eastern Gujarat,” at the Winter School of Folkloristics, Central University of Jharkand in India in Jan. 2014. Alles participated in a small planning workshop on indigenous peoples and religions globally, hosted by the University of Tromsø in Tromsø, Norway in March 2014, and he is an external member of the search committee to hire an assistant professor in India Studies at the University of Ghent in Belgium.

Additionally, at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion in Baltimore, MD in November, Alles was a panelist for “Is There a Religious Mode of Production?: Economic Aspects of Sacrifice and Related Behaviors;” a respondent on the panel, “Genealogies of the Numinous: Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans, Majestas, and the Ganz Andere,” and he was the presider on the panel, “Encounters and Exchanges: Indigenous and Other Medicines and Religions.”

Tim Anderson (Music) had a recording session on Jan. 11 for a former McDaniel composition student’s new string quartet, “Talisker and a Photograph,” by Amit Kumar ’06 at the Gordon Masters studio with Nick Currie, Alice Tung (Music) and James Tung. He performed Feb. 9 in a piano trio for “Doldrums” concert at Harford Community College with Nick Currie and Diana Green, and March 19 he had a cello solo at the Noon Recital Series Hampden United Methodist Church, Baltimore, Md.

Silvia Baage (Foreign Languages) presented a paper titled “La Francophonie insulaire as a response to littérature-monde?” at an international conference on Francophone literatures in a globalized world in Aarhus, Denmark in Jan. 2014. Her article “Les Possibilités Du Non-Lieu Insulaire : Une étude comparative de l’espace-temps insulaire dans La Fuite aux Agriates de Marie Ferranti, Une île où séduire Virginie de Jean-François Samlong et L’Ile des rêves écrasés de Chantal Spitz” was accepted for publication in the April 2014 volume of Carnets, an international online journal for French Studies.   

Mona Becker (Environmental Studies), Julia Lau Bertrand, and Anouar Boukhars (Political Science and International Studies) have been have been presenters for Great Decisions, a lecture series sponsored by McDaniel College. In January Lau Bertrand’s presentation was titled “China’s Foreign Policy;” in February Boukhars presented on “Islamic Awakening,” and in March Becker’s presentation was titled “Food and Climate.”

Marla Beebe (Hoover Library) has been accepted by the ACRL Immersion Program Committee to the Program Track of the 2014 Immersion Program to be held in July at Champlain College in Burlington, Vt.

Anouar Boukhars  (Political Science and International Studies) delivered a paper at the Carnegie Institute for International Peace titled “In the Crossfire: Islamists' Travails in Tunisia.” At the FRIDE Madrid-based think tank, he wrote a policy brief on the Western Sahara titled “Western Shara: Beyond Complacency.” Boukhars' book “Perilous Desert: Insecurity in the Sahara,” published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, is now available.

Sharon Craig (Education) presented “Authentic Inquiry and Disciplinary Literacy” for the International Interschool Collaboration in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. During the spring semester, she provided distance coaching for a school-based reading specialist and participated in faculty professional development sessions via Skype.  

Tom Deveny (Foreign Languages) read a paper titled “Maldito chino de Paco López Mengual: un retrato grotesco de la España contemporánea” at the XXIV Congreso de ALDEEU (Asociación de Licenciados y Doctorados Españoles en los Estados Unidos) in Washington, D.C. in March.

Kyle Engler (Music) performed in an all Brahms Concert in March with the Philadelphia Camerata Chamber series at the Church of the Holy Trinity on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia.

Shelley Ensor (Music) taught two sessions of a Gospel music workshop at Gettysburg College in March.

Janet Hack (Hoover Library) co-authored two articles, “QR Codes and Libraries” in Marketing with Social Media: a LITA Guide and “A summary of functional groups containing selenium and tellurium: A catalog of the many groups that are known and some that are not” in The Chemistry of Organic Selenium and Tellurium Compounds.

Debbi Johnson-Ross (Political Science and International Studies) delivered a paper titled “Cool: From Africa to the Americas” at the African Studies Association 56th Annual Meeting in Baltimore Nov. 2013. She also presented “Coffee, Tea and Chocolate: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching the African Diaspora” at the International Conference on African Studies in Ghana Oct. 2013.

Mona Kerby (Library Science) was named to a two-year appointment to the Outstanding International Books List Committee of the United States Board of Books for Young People. Kerby is also serving as the vice-chair of the AASL/CAEP Committee. 

Christianna Leahy (Political Science and International Studies) attended a conference at the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding and the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies on “Egypt and the Struggle for Democracy.” She also attended the award ceremony for the Honorable Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Secretary General of NATO.

Barbara Leasure (Gerontology) was awarded the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education Part-time/Adjunct Faculty Recognition Award for 2014. Leasure was actively involved in bringing the Center for the Study of Aging at McDaniel College to fruition through her work on the original task force to establish the feasibility of a center on aging.

Kathy Mangan’s (English) poem, “Fugue for a Student,” was published in the Winter 2014 issue of Passager literary magazine.

Diane Martin (Gerontology) attended the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education's 40th annual meeting and professional conference, Taking Educational Quality to New Heights, in Denver, Col., Feb. 2014 and presented a paper co-authored with adjunct Gerontology instructor, Barbara Leasure, titled “Connecting Students and Elders: A Breakthrough Mentoring Program.” In November Martin and Master's candidate Laura Gillen attended the 65th annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America in New Orleans, La. and presented a poster titled “Personal, Social, and Environmental Factors Related to Financial Exploitation of Older Adults.”

She also published an article, “Revisiting Gerontology’s scrapbook: From Metchnikoff to the Spectrum Model of Aging” in The Gerontologist. In February Martin was re-elected to a second two-year term as secretary for Sigma Phi Omega, the National Gerontology Academic Honor & Professional Society.

Janet Medina (Education) gave a presentation and moderated a panel of high school psychologists and postsecondary disability support services providers at Howard Community College's Project Access/MD AHEAD workshop in Dec. 2013. The topic was assessments for high school students and strategies to translate assessments into a plan for their postsecondary education.

Debbie Miller (Education) gave a presentation at the National Title I Conference in California in  February titled “Currents of change: An innovative design for Title I summer services.” Miller is the State Chair of the CAEP/MSDE Accreditation Team that will be making an accreditation visit to Hood College. She is also the McDaniel College representative to the MSDE Secondary Reading Courses Redesign Work Group. This group is charged with re-designing the required reading courses for Secondary/PK-12 educators across the state of Maryland.

Paul Miller (History) produced a podcast, “The Sandwich that Sabotaged Civilisation,” which is part of Oxford University's series “New Perspectives on the First World War.”  The podcast can be viewed at: http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/sandwich-sabotaged-civilisation.

Randy Morrison (Biology) published two papers in the Proceedings of the Fourteenth Symposium on the Natural History of the Bahamas, “Sexual dimorphism in a population of Anolis sagrei on San Salvador, Bahamas” with Nichole Howard ’11 and “Sexual dimorphism and population structur in the San Salvador Curly-tailed lizard (Leiocephalus loxogrammus parnelli)” with Emily Peoples ‘11.

Martine Motard-Noar (Foreign Languages) took part in a one-week faculty exchange with our affiliated institution, Université Saint-Louis in Brussels, Belgium in March where she taught courses about French Literature. In April, Dr. Isabelle Ost, from the Belgium campus, taught at McDaniel for a week.

Pavel Naumov (Mathematics and Computer Science) published two papers with McDaniel undergraduate students, “Symmetry in Information Flow” in Annals of Pure and Applied Logic with Jeffrey Kane ’14, and “On Interchangeability of Nash Equilibria in Multi-Player Strategic Games” in Synthese with Brittany Nichols ‘13.

Jea Sophia Oh (Philosophy) gave two presentations, “A Whiteheadian Robbery: Salim Symbiosis, A Suggestion of Eco-Ethics of Foods” at the Fourth Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy in Japan March 2014, and “This is My Body…, A Eucharistic Food Ethics” in the Ethics Section of The Mid-Atlantic Region of the American Academy of Religion at Mt. Saint Mary College in New York state March 2014.

Susan Parrish (Biology) was co-author on a manuscript titled “A Course-Based Research Experience: How Benefits Change with Increased Investment in Instructional Time,” published in CBE-Life Sciences Education.

Steve Pearson (Art and Art History) was featured in three exhibition, including “In Residence: The Neighbors,” the third and final installment of a three part colloquia series highlighting the reciprocity between the Washington art community and academic institutions in the DC metro area April 1 to June 1. Pearson contributed two paintings to “Color: Imagined and Observed,” at the Andrews Gallery, College of William & Mary in Virginia, a show that was open Jan. 23 to Feb. 20. He was one of three artists asked to deliver a gallery talk about his approaches to the use of color.       

Prints by Pearson and several of his students were featured in “’A Cause for Optimism’; Definitions of Printmaking” at YorkArts in Pennsylvania Feb. 6-March 22. The exhibition focused on Baltimore/Washington area colleges that still teach printmaking. Pearson’s students represented were: Kenny Ditto ‘06, Alexandra Gargon ‘07, Kiersten Patron ‘15, Mangie Moreno ‘15, and Sara Capporaletti ‘14.

Mark Rust (Deaf Education) is the 2014-15 President for the Association of College Educators-Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Susan Clare Scott (Art History) published an article in the Japan Studies Association Journal titled  “Chinese Literature and Poetic ‘Tourist Site’ Themes in the Literati Landscape Painting of Ike Taiga and Tokuyama Gyokuran.”

Jonathan Slade (Communication and Cinema) hosted a preview screening of his new 60-minute documentary “Electric Road Trip” at the Carroll Arts Center on April 9. The program follows Slade and his wife Novia Campbell as they attempt to drive a fully electric vehicle from the town of Oakland in the mountains of Western Maryland, across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, all the way to Ocean City on nothing but electrons. The broadcast premiered April 23 on Maryland Public Television.

Herb Smith (Political Science and International Studies) delivered a talk titled “The Maryland Identity” to college interns and high school pages of the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis in February.

Rick Smith (Chemistry) was one of two speakers to kick-off the 2014 Landmarks Lecture Series at C. Burr Artz Public Library Feb. 26 in Frederick, Md. Smith spoke on the historical perspectives of African-American servitude by examining significant family lines in Maryland. The lecture was co-hosted by the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation and the African American Resources Cultural Heritage Society.

Deborah Clark Vance  (Communication) has a publication titled “Toward Self Reliant Communities: A cultural comparison of disaster response in Thailand, Guyana and the United States” in the Journal of Intercultural Communication. This research provides a cross-cultural look at the role of communication in community disaster preparation and recovery.  

Corey Wronski-Mayersak (English) gave a presentation titled “Medieval Immersion” at the Modern Language Association Annual Convention in January.  She also published an article on medieval drama, “Optical Illusions of Speech,” in the journal, Text and Presentation.