Four student projects receive Griswold-Zepp awards

Palabras to Words co-presidents Brandon Morfoot and Amber Slater
December 10, 2013

Four student projects have been selected to receive funding through Griswold-Zepp awards. The Griswold-Zepp Award was established to honor Earl Griswold and Ira Zepp, long-time faculty advisors for SOS/Hinge, community service and volunteerism groups on campus in the 1960-70s.

The award selection process focuses on projects most strongly exemplifying the true spirit of volunteerism and community service. The primary purpose of the award is to provide support for proposed volunteer experiences of McDaniel students, addressing the needs of local, regional, national or worldwide communities.

Selected for Griswold-Zepp funding are:

Palabras to Words Expansion Project by senior Amber Slater, an English and Spanish double major from Westminster, Md., $450:
Amber and her group Palabras to Words will use the funds to expand upon the services Palabras to Words currently offers to the community. Palabras to Words has already expanded their services greatly on their own, by holding tutoring sessions at the Westminster Community Center (where the Boys and Girls Club is housed) and providing child care. The GZ funding will enable them to purchase pronunciation textbooks, childcare materials, and to include cultural events in their programming.

Fitness Buddies by sophomore Roger Isom, an Exercise Science and Physical Education and Spanish double major from Annapolis, Md., $1,500:
Isom will establish a series of fitness- and nutrition-related programming at the Boys and Girls Club of Westminster throughout the spring semester, hoping to inspire children to view physical activity as enjoyable, unique and fun for everyone. This project grew out of a pilot project Isom ran last year.
Better Food for a Better Future by a group of students in the Honors Leadership class, including first-year student Rachel Guthall of Sparks-Glencoe, Md.; first-year student Madelyn Jackstadt of Barnegat, N.J.; sophomore Biochemistry major Tazhae Williams of Hyattsville, Md.; sophomore Religious Studies major Katarina Winhauer of Hanover, Pa., and first-year students Catherine Wroblewski and Christina Wroblewski of Glen Mills, Pa., $525: 
The group will use to funds to plant a plot at Human Services Programs, Inc. Community Garden, which they will then tend to throughout the semester. All of the food produced by the Community Garden goes back to the community, divided between local soup kitchens, HSP's Second Chances Store or the shelters HSP, Inc. runs. 

Compassionate Care Communities by first-year student Zoie McNeill of Morgantown, W. Va., $600:
With the funds, McNeill will live at a Farm Sanctuary in New York for two months, where she will learn about compassionate-care communities and topics such as vegan nutrition, environmental impact of factory farming, effective animal advocacy and basic animal farm care. She will then use this knowledge when she returns to campus to teach others on campus and in the community what she learned and will also blog about her experience as a way to share her knowledge.