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McDaniel prints are featured in regional exhibit at YorkArts

Art professor Steve Pearson, Kenny Ditto '06, and Mangie Moreno '15.
February 11, 2014

McDaniel students, alumni and faculty are well represented in “A Cause for Optimism; Definitions of Printmaking,” a regional exhibition curated by Breon Gilleran that opened Feb. 6 at YorkArts, 10 N Beaver St., York, Pa.

The exhibition, which runs through March 22, includes prints from Art professor Steve Pearson’s collection of student projects from his printmaking class. Selected by the guest curator, an assistant adjunct professor of art at Goucher College, are prints by Kenny Ditto ’06, Alexandra Gargon ’07, Mangie Moreno ’15 and Sara Capporaletti ’14. Pearson has three acrylic and silk-screen paintings in the show.

Ditto completed the printmaking in 2006 while a student at McDaniel. His work demonstrates various aspects of scientific method – “observe, investigate, make hypothesis, record facts.”

McDaniel prints are featured in regional exhibit at YorkArts

“A common theme in my artwork, then and now, is scientific method,” says Ditto (pictured above), a graphic designer and graduate student at McDaniel. “I compare the scientific method with how I see and interpret the world around me. I still use the scientific method as inspiration for my graphic design work.

“Subtle details in my design works typically contain details from my everyday life – frost on my car windshield, discolored antique book pages, splattered ink.”

Although printmaking departments and classes are alive and well in the Baltimore region, curator Gilleran notes on the YorkArts website that some art schools and universities have closed printmaking to make room for computers and other digital equipment. Remaining departments have becoming centers of creative energy.

“(These printmaking departments) have adapted and thrived, spawning media savvy graduates rooted in the traditional skills of printmaking but armed to the teeth with digital skills and capable of launching their own print and letterpress businesses after further studies in typography and graphic design,” Gilleran says on the YorkArts website.

McDaniel prints are featured in regional exhibit at YorkArts
Mangie Moreno '15.

“A Cause for Optimism; Definitions of Printmaking” is designed to showcase these creative centers of energy in the Baltimore/D.C. region, featuring artwork by students, alumni and professors from McDaniel, Goucher College, Towson University and University of Maryland College Park. Spring gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tues., Thurs. and Sat. and 5-9 p.m. First  Fridays (March 7). Admission is free. 

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