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McDaniel staff members celebrate 305 years of service

Bev Staub.
February 25, 2014

When Bev Staub joined the Institutional Advancement division as an administrative assistant in November of 1973, she was a newly married Pennsylvania transplant who knew little more about the College than that she shared her favorite colors – green and gold – with her new employer. Forty years later, Staub has served six vice presidents, supported five major fundraising campaigns and graduated to become a go-to resource for staff, students and alumni about all things McDaniel.

Staub and 14 colleagues were recently recognized at a luncheon hosted by President Roger Casey for their service of 40, 30, 25, 15 and 10 years – a total of 305 years combined. Besides Staub, staff honored for a quarter century and more included Linda Eyler for 30 years and Margaret Bell, Mary Jo Colbert, Chris Collins, Susan Glore, Pat Holford and Diane Vaccaro for 25 years. 

Trustee Chris Royer says she has always been impressed by Staub’s commitment to the College and her expert knowledge of the workings of her division.

“Bev’s quiet efficiency, her poise under pressure, her gracious manner, her kindness to others and her devotion to her work are among the many personal and professional qualities that have earned her the respect and admiration of everyone who knows her,” says Royer, who is a member of the class of 1948 and has served as a trustee for 20 years.

Eyler, who joined Institutional Advancement in 1983 and has spent most of her career supporting the Office of Alumni Relations, says “friendly, helpful and devoted” are the three best adjectives to describe Staub. Eyler’s sister-in-law, Joyce, had generously trained Staub on the job and so Staub happily took Eyler under her wing, helping her hone her skills at proofreading, grammar and protocol.

The two became fast friends, spending most lunchtimes together playing strategy games like Rumikubb and Trionimoes. “We like the games where we can eat with one hand and move tiles around with the other,” Staub says. Adds Eyler, “When she’s on vacation I feel lost at lunchtime.”

Staub’s acumen with details, names and numbers have served her division well through multiple campaigns that raised funds for, among other projects, Decker Center, the Robert Joshua Gill Physical Education Learning Center, Hoover Library, Eaton Hall of Science and Hill Hall. As executive secretary, she supported not just multiple vice presidents but gift officers and other staff, relying in the early days on now antiquated tools like a typewriter with carbon sets and mimeograph machine. Alumni records were kept on 3-by-5 index cards in a huge circular file.

“If we wanted to send a letter to multiple people, we typed it each time,” recalls Staub, who eagerly learned to use her first computer, an early-generation Macintosh. “I knew, even back in the 1970s and 80s that a willingness to take on new things would be important.”

Staub and husband Luther, with whom she also just celebrated a 40th anniversary, developed a mutual love for Green Terror football games, which they now enjoy with their three grandchildren. Each year, Staub eagerly helps staff the annual Sports Hall of Fame event, where she marvels at new inductees who she once cheered for on fall Saturdays.

There was never a question their daughters would attend McDaniel, she says: “I knew that they would get a strong foundation here for whatever they wanted to do.” Laura Staub Steakin ’97 is a nurse and Rebecca Staub Davis ’03 is a graphic designer.

Beyond the Hill, Staub has developed a passion for the wide-open country of Wyoming, particularly the Grand Tetons, which she and Luther first visited on a road trip in their 1969 green Mustang. They’ve since returned almost a dozen times, taking along members of their extended family to appreciate the views, raft the Snake River and, of course, glimpse the mighty moose, Staub’s personal mascot. Colleagues often present her with figurines, photos and other moose-related trinkets, and she is responsible for providing at least one colleague’s newborn son with the plush moose that remains his sleeping companion 11 years later.

McDaniel staff members celebrate 305 years of service
From left: President Roger Casey; For 40 and 30 years: Bev Staub, Executive Secretary, Institutional Advancement and Linda Eyler, Office Manager, Alumni Relations.

McDaniel staff members celebrate 305 years of service
From left: President Roger Casey; For 25 years: Diane Vaccaro, Associate Registrar, Undergraduate Transfer Articulation and Graduation Evaluator; Pat Holford, Academic Secretary, Economics and Business Administration; Margaret Bell, Director of Purchasing, Mary Jo Colbert, Director of Conference and Auxiliary Service; and Chris Collins, Senior Supervisor, Campus Safety. Not photographed is Susan Glore, Director of the Wellness Center and Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

McDaniel staff members celebrate 305 years of service
From left: President Roger Casey; For 10 years: (Standing) Tina Nguyen, Secretary, Teacher Professional Development Office and NCATE Office; Andy Barshinger, Academic Advisor, Howard County Liaison; Adam Reid, Senior Officer, Campus Safety; and also recognized in memoriam Robert Cox, Technical Director, Theatre Arts. For 15 years: (seated) Cathy Brown, Reporting and Document Imaging Systems Administrator and Penny Pfeiffer, Senior Graduate Enrollment Management Specialist. Not photographed is Darlene Good, Inventory Clerk, Physical Plant.