Students present at Md. Collegiate Honors Conference

McDaniel students Christina DeJoseph, Mable Buchanan and Devyn Voorheis at the Md. Collegiate Honors Conference
March 12, 2018

Nine students from the Honors Program were selected to present at the Maryland Collegiate Honors Conference, held March 2–3 at Frostburg State University. Presentation topics were inspired by individual students’ interests and concentration.

The students and their papers or posters are: 

Shannon Bernier of Ijamsville, Md.
“Using Metal-Organic Framework Gas Storage Technology to Address Environmental Change." 
Darby Bortz of Adamstown, Md.
“K-Nacci Word Fractals.” She was the winner for the best poster presentation at the conference. 
Mable Buchanan of Westminster, Md.
“A Physical and Spiritual ‘Throwback—:’ Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 'The Hound of the Baskervilles.’” She was the winner for the best proposal at the conference. 
Christina DeJoseph of Palmyra, N.J.
“Taking a Common Conception Beyond Habit: Music in Exercise and Health.”
Camden Ostrander of Rockville, Md.
“Metamodern Identity and Existentialism in Donald Glover’s ‘Because the Internet.’”
Atticus Rice of Portland, Ore. 
“Active, Active, Passive: The Duck, Duck, Goose of a Qualitative Study of Political Participation in College Students” He was the winner of the best proposal at the conference. 
Zachary Sheaffer of Hanover. Pa.
“The Development of the Uncompromising Vision and Legacy of Malcolm X after his Divorce from the Nation of Islam.”
Jason Swartz of Dillsburg, Pa.
“Multiculturalism in French Society: A Study of Regional Identities and How to Protect Them.” He was also a finalist for the Portz Award for an Outstanding Honors Student at a four-year college in Maryland. 
Devyn Voorheis of Cary, N.C.
“Decoding Instagram Aesthetics: What message does your food post communicate to society?”

Established in 1986, the Honors Program at McDaniel offers academic enrichment to students in the program who became part of a community of scholars. Admission is highly selective and is based on students’ academic records, test scores and leadership potential.

McDaniel students Christina DeJoseph, Mable Buchanan and Devyn Voorheis were among the Honors Program students presenting at the March 2-3 Md. Collegiate Honors Conference.