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Three seniors recognized for history research at regional conference

Andrea Briggs
April 10, 2014

Of the seven history students who presented research at the Phi Alpha Theta Mid-Atlantic Regional History Honors Conference, three returned to the Hill with top awards.

Senior Andrea Briggs of McMurray, Pa., nabbed first prize in the “World History before 1750” category for her paper on Sir Humphrey Gilbert’s 16th century schemes for colonizing the New World. “His different models of colonization, not always mutually compatible, came into conflict and contributed to the failure of his entire enterprise,” she said.

Three seniors recognized for history research at regional conference Earning the top spot in American History was senior Becky Kaler (pictured right), who wrote about the impact of the B&O Railroad on her hometown of Brunswick, Md. Tracing the parallel histories of the town and railroad company, her research found that “economic forces and creative destruction caused Brunswick to flourish and decline in direct relation to the railroad industry,” she said.

The second place award in that category also went to a McDaniel student, senior Andrew Keogh of Baltimore, for his paper on collective memory and perceptions of race in Baltimore from 1939 to the late 1960s.

For Stephen Feeley, their History professor, hearing his students’ names called was a proud moment that “publically confirmed the high quality of scholarship being accomplished by McDaniel College History students.”

Below are the conference papers submitted by McDaniel students, many of which were based on senior capstone research projects:

- Andrea Briggs ’14 of McMurray, Pa.: “Frameworks for Failure: Conflicting Goals in Sir Humprey Gilbert’s 1583 New World Expedition”

- Logan Connaughton ’14 of Matawan, N.J.: “American Shores and Social Dynamics: The Role of Public Beaches in Twentieth Century America”

- Rebecca Kaler ’14 of Jefferson, Md.: “Can’t Stop This Train: The Dominating Force of the B&O Railroad on Brunswick, Maryland”

- Andrew Keogh ’14 of Baltimore: “Patriotic Gore Returns to Baltimore: How the 1968 Riots Exposed Racial Divides in Memory and Identity”

- Brighid Molony ’14 of Conway, S.C.: “Hua Mulan: The Chinese State in 1956”

- Nicholai Wingreen ’14 of Columbia, Md.: “American Workers Abroad in Stalin’s Industrial Revolution”

- Joseph Wright ’14 of Westminster, Md.: “Progressivism in Print: The Rise of Popularity of C.W. Post’s Postum and Grape-Nuts, 1890-1900”

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