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Crossroads of Europe, Crossroads of the World

Our world is growing increasingly interconnected and complex. We want you to understand it. Join us on our multicultural, liberal arts college campus in the heart of Europe, and at the crossroads of the world. Your focused learning community will examine inside and outside of the classroom not only how Europe and the world meet in Budapest, but also how multiple ethnicities, classes and other social groupings conflict, coexist and provide an environment for cultural synergy and artistic achievement.

McDaniel College has been operating a campus in Budapest, Hungary since 1994. Students from all over the world to come to McDaniel College’s Budapest campus to earn degrees, creating a unique global dynamic to the campus.

McDaniel College is excited to offer a special program at our Budapest, Hungary campus: Crossroads of Europe, Crossroads of the World!

Highlights of the Budapest campus:

  • All classes are taught in English
  • Small class sizes and individual attention from expert faculty from all over the world
  • Peer mentors will help ease your transition as you adapt socially, culturally and academically to Budapest
  • Each semester, you will join your professors on learning adventures directly linked to what you study in class

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Through experiential learning, team work, and self-reflection, you will come to see the world — and your place in it — from a whole new perspective. Students can choose to study in Budapest for one semester or a full academic year.

Program Dates:
Fall semester: end of August - mid–December
Spring semester: mid-January - mid–May

McDaniel College offers three cohorts at its campus in Budapest, Hungary:

Crossroads of Europe, Crossroads of the World
Business and Economics in Budapest
The Liberal Arts in Europe
 Crossroads Wine Country departments


Crossroads of Europe, Crossroads of the World courses
Business and Economics in Budapest courses
The Liberal Arts in Europe courses

Student Life

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Living in spacious, independent apartments in Budapest’s downtown, you will discover a remarkable cultural and commercial scene, amazing cuisine, beautiful sights and sounds, and a lively nightlife.

You can choose from single or shared apartments, all located within walking distance of the campus. Apartments have fully equipped kitchens, which allow you to take advantage of exploring Hungarian recipes.

Cell Phones

McDaniel College rents out pay-as-you-go phones for a deposit of $30 (you will get half back when you return the phone at the end of the semester). Incoming calls are free; outgoing calls vary in cost (text messages are inexpensive). Most students use WiFi applications (like Skype or FaceTime) to communicate with family/friends in the U.S.


Budapest’s public transportation system is one of Europe’s finest. Additionally, it is affordable and easy to travel from Budapest to other European cities.


Once in Budapest, you will participate in a weeklong orientation and cultural integration program which will acclimate you to your new home. You’ll meet McDaniel Budapest students who will help you find your way, introduce you to people and places, and tell you how everything works!


McDaniel Budapest provides airport pick up and arrival ground transportation for students who arrive on the designative airport pick up day.


Students are required to be enrolled in the international travel medical/accidental insurance policy of McDaniel College’s insurance company, ACE Insurance. The insurance includes a wide range of benefits like trip cancellation and travel assistance The Hungarian government also requires students to enroll in their national health insurance plan.

Study Tours

Each semester, you will join your faculty on an extended study tour that is directly linked to what you are studying in class. Each semester students will visit the city of Eger and the UNESCO World Heritage site, Tokaj. Smaller day trips are also included, and vary by semester. Each semester has its own special study tour.


In the Fall Semester, you will appreciate the beauty of ethnically diverse Sarajevo and Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, learning about their difficult, post-Cold War conflict and recovery to become one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in the world.

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In the Spring Semester, your classroom becomes two of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Vienna and Prague as your faculty take you on a café tour, through museums and castles, and on a walk through Prague’s medieval center, the heart of historic Bohemia.

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Program costs include tuition, housing, cultural activities, field trips, insurance, and administrative fees. Additional costs to consider are flight, passport, resident permit, meals, and personal travel.

For a cost breakdown contact the Director of International Programs at


Financial Aid

McDaniel students are able to use all their financial aid and scholarships be applied to the costs of the program.

Non-McDaniel students should check with their study abroad office to verify if aid can be used.



  • Good academic (2.0 GPA or higher) and good disciplinary standing
  • Attend pre-departure orientation (either in person or online)

Ready to apply? Simply follow the instructions below.

For McDaniel students:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “I have a username and password” and Submit
  3. Login in with your McDaniel username and password
  4. Complete the application checklist by the deadline.
  5. To return to your application after logging out simply go to and click on LOGIN at the upper right hand corner.

For non-McDaniel students

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “I do not have login credentials to this site” and submit
  3. Follow the prompts to create an account
  4. Complete the application checklist by the deadline.
  5. To return to your application after logging out simply go to and click on NON-McDaniel LOGIN at the upper right hand corner.

Application Deadlines

April 1 for the Fall semester

October 1 for the Spring semester

Contact us!

For more information, contact the Director of International Programs at

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