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Alumni Profiles

Senior Profiles We Are McDaniel Class of 2021

  • Ashley Day-Gibbs with Women Leading Baltimore’s event Power of a Woman. Photo by Jermaine Gibbs

    Ashley Day-Gibbs ’12

    “McDaniel was a small glimpse of life after college, specifically within politics, as a Black female. While I was in the minority demographically, I never felt forced to be anything other than who I was.”
  • Erin Herbert Disney Ravens

    Erin Herbert '06 Disney

    “McDaniel College was my training camp for real life. I was able to learn and develop the skills I needed to be successful in my dream career, even before I knew it was my dream.”
  • Aaron Slaughter '10

    Aaron Slaughter '10

    “The ability to connect and find common ground with just about anyone is a skill that I honed during my time at McDaniel, and it pays dividends to this day.”
  • Ellen Larsen '10 in front of a bonfire

    Ellen Larson ’10

    “The point of a liberal arts curriculum is to expose you to new opportunities, open you up to different viewpoints, and explore different ways of thinking. This has helped me become an effective, inclusive leader who focuses on building community in the workplace.”
  • Kaitlin Mahoney at NY marathon 2019

    Dr. Kaitlin Mahoney '13

    “McDaniel provided me all the resources to do exactly what I needed and wanted to do. I know I met all the right people there to set me up for success and feel strongly that it was the best place for me.”
  • Kylah + Candles

    Kylah Chadwick ‘18

    "I’ve always had such a great love for my culture and people, so I thought ‘what if I could find a way to combine these two interests together and create my own business?’” she says. “I’ve always known I wanted to create something that celebrated Black culture, but the idea to do this with candles was something that was relatively new to me."
  • Jeff Groff

    Jeff Groff ‘01

    “The result is that we have turned an abandoned farm with no utilities and a few run-down structures into an educational asset with a high tunnel greenhouse, an apiary or bee-yard, an orchard, raised beds, solar power systems, and an aquaponics lab where fish grown in tanks provide nutrient for hydroponically grown vegetables.”
  • Kim Clemens is an Art Therapist

    Kim Clemens '10

    “I like to call art therapy symbolic speech. Art therapy is a creative and expressive way to explore emotions, relationships, boundaries and functioning using process and product-oriented artistic means.”
  • Mike Southers ’04, M.S. ’13

    Mike Southers ’04, M.S. ’13

    “My professors actually heard my ideas, and people in my class really paid attention to what I said. I realized that in high school, I’d had a lot of anxiety and I wondered why they kept the heat on all year long. I started to ease and relax at McDaniel — and then realized that was just a scared, anxious response. The heat hadn’t been on at all.”
  • Cleo Braver '78

    Cleo Braver ’78

    "If we can’t get lawmakers to enact public policy that incentivizes the right things, we can act on our own as consumers. Every single human can be an active participant in changing our food systems just by voting with their fork every day.”